As the mother of ten children, foster parent, and the wife of Retired Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts and NBC Analyst, Tony Dungy, Lauren Dungy has created her own playbook—parenting while juggling it all.

Lauren prays, plans, and depends on her faith and friends to help her structure her family’s busy schedules. As a former elementary school teacher and current Sunday school teacher, Lauren diligently utilizes her professional skills to guide mothers to a greater understanding and application of biblical parenting principles.

Lauren and her husband, Tony, have co-authored a series of children’s books, including You Can Be A Friend, which made it onto the New York Times’ best-seller list. Two new children’s books will release in August. They have also written an adult book, Uncommon Marriage, a memoir and guide to biblical principles on marriage.  As a much-requested motivational speaker, Lauren talks from personal experience on how to be a hands-on mom and wife.

“I hope to be a voice of motivation and encouragement for a lot of mothers, especially since my children were born in a four-decade span, from the 80’s to now. If I’m not dealing with some toddler, preteen or adult issue now, rest assured I will be refreshed soon.”

Since Lauren considers it a personal obligation to reach out to other mothers, she joined Family First’s iMOM as an ambassador to extend her message. “Relationships and advice from other mothers is what has sustained me and my family through some of our toughest times, “Lauren says.

Peer pressure is what Lauren sees as one of the greatest outside threats to children today, which is why she encourages parents to love and nurture their children, but to release them when its time. Adding, “Children will one day have to make their own decisions; parents just have to guide.”

In addition to being a full-time mom, Lauren is Vice President of the Dungy Family Foundation, an organization that looks to help meet the physical, educational and spiritual needs of those in her community. She heads up the Foundation’s reading program, which visits elementary schools and
donates books to promote literacy. Lauren is founder and president of the Sisters Book Club and is also an active and involved member of Grace Family Church, where she serves in the First Impressions Ministry. She is a fitness enthusiast, participating in running and triathlon events. A native of
Pennsylvania, Lauren and Tony currently reside in Florida and have seven of their ten children still at home.