Track 1 – Practical Leadership

Managing Conflict and Creating a Win

Penny Bertsch

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Living and or working closely together means that we will surely disagree at times, and that we will probably offend and irritate each other.  There are differing personalities, methods, needs, and preferences in people.  These differences can generate conflict.  The way we handle our differences will determine the health of our relationships.  The purpose of this workshop is to share some concepts for managing conflicts that create a win applicable to any relationship: team, co-worker, marriage, family, or friend.

Penny is the director of Cornerstone Life Coaching, where she and husband Dave specialize in marriage relationship coaching and reconciliation, pouring into each couple biblical principles that unite, fortify, and grow marriages. She coaches women to know what fits, be in the flow, and move upon their highest performance qualities. Penny equips the church through Entrust4 Women to Women Ministry Training. She enjoys surrounding her family, friends, and foreigners with hospitality and pretty food.

The Volcano Effect: Successful Mentoring

Kristin and Becky

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The Volcano

Like a volcano erupts, events flare up in life, and lava–representing your thoughts—begins flowing. For a short amount of time, you have choices to make in your thinking patterns before thoughts harden and become ingrained.

Come find out what it means to “TNRPLA” (te-ner-pa-la) on a daily basis. You will learn a practical, useful routine to stop unhealthy thinking, tackle anxiety, deal with fear, and live in your true God-given identity. This Biblical tool based on Philippians 4:8 is also effective for working with children and those whom you mentor and coach.

Becky loves writing and teaching Bible studies, gardening, trying new recipes, and filling her table with friends and family. She is passionate about God’s Word and convinced that when we read and mediate on Scripture, we are changed from the inside-out, grow in maturity, and our lives flourish. Find her latest adventures in faith, food, and family on her website

Kristin Fink is a classroom teacher and also leads worship and designs chapel series for elementary kids. The Volcano started as a chapel series that quickly became an incredible sought-after tool for adults. Kristin loves living in the city with her husband, Chris, and two children, Georgia and Kai. Connect with her at

Leading Up

Julie Fisk

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Julie Fisk first discovered her passion for teaching and empowering others as a practicing attorney. She loves to use that passion to encourage women to be strong and courageous in their individual faith journeys through writing, speaking, and quiet conversation over steaming cups of coffee. Julie and her husband, Aaron, are committed to living out the commandments to love God and love others in their daily lives, and they are raising their children to do the same. They believe God is revealed through intentional kindness, generosity, and hospitality—by inviting others into their home and into their lives. They succeed, fail, and rely on Christ and his grace to fill in their gaps.

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The Balancing Wheel

Reggi Adams

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Life BALANCE here we come: We’ll walk through an assessment of how and where balance is in each area of your life and Reggie will share ideas for focusing on priorities so that you can experience more balance, peace and fulfillment from day to day.

Reggie Adams began Reggie’s Coaching Academy over 25 years ago out of a love of walking with women through the discovery of the unique and beautiful creation God made them to be. Reggie is a new empty nester and has recently remarried gaining 3 bonus children for a total of 4 adult children. Her and her hubby have relocated to Alexandria, MN 6 months ago and are enjoying the process of making a home out of the 107 year old historic house God had waiting for them.

Leading in the Workplace: Navigating Faith and Success

Nancy Aleksuk

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Pastors Steve and Nancy Aleksuk have overseen the ministries of 3 Degrees Church, formerly known as The New Union, since 1992. They met as volunteers when the ministry first opened and were married in 1990. Prior to entering the ministry, Steve was a successful Printed Circuit Board Designer and Nancy was a Finance Manager for a local car dealership. If they could sum up their heart for the congregation, it would be found in Col. 1:9 which reads ‘…that you would be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.’”

The couple has 6 grandchildren, one of whom lives with them full time. Pastor Nancy currently works full time as a Commercial Interior Designer and oversees Tenant Relations and Leasing for a commercial real estate developer based in the Minneapolis Warehouse District.

Track 2 -Spiritual Leadership

Chase Your Dreams God's Way

Lindsay May

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God has dreams for your life that He wants you to pursue! Come discuss the “why” as well as the “how” to go about moving forward in your God-ordained dreams.

Lindsay is a lifestyle photographer and entrepreneur with a mission to showcase the beauty of our world through her lens and writing. She gets fired up about helping women lead in the church and marketplace and holds a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Also a mom, Lindsay’s days are filled with toddler-chasing and exploring the world from new perspectives. Learn more about Lindsay at

Productive Rest

Dr. Jim Anderson

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In this session, discover the joy of releasing your guilt, fear, and anxiety to the Lord!

Dr. Jim Anderson (D. Min.) Over a period of twenty-five years, Jim–with his wife Lois at his side–served as senior pastor of three Evangelical Free Churches in the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Kansas. In January of 2003, they returned to Minnesota to pioneer a ministry of encouragement to church leaders and their wives. Together, they offer Sabbath Retreats to pastoral couples and church leaders. Jim’s persuasive volume, For God’s Sake, Rest! Discovering the Pleasure of His Rest, portrays his journey into the theology of rest and his conviction that rest enhances communion with God and vitality in ministry.

Praying Powerfully

Robin Bjornson

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From the beginning of her friendship with Jesus 26 years ago, Robin was mentored in the power of prayer and the importance of Scripture. The discipline of prayer has shaped her thinking and guided not only her family relationships, but also led into her call to ministry.

Robin is a wife, mom, avid knitter, reader, novice camper, and coffee appreciator who lives deep in the woods with three small dogs and serves as the Pastor of Family Ministry at Maranatha Assembly of God in Forest Lake, MN.

Understanding the Battles of the Mind

Stacy Bellward

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Science has finally caught up with God’s word–our thoughts have power. They either build up or tear down and have long term consequences on our lives. We do have the ability to control our thoughts. With a touch of science and a lot more practicality in this session, we will discover how to take every thought captive and experience life that is truly life.

Stacy has been in God’s boot camp for a while now–growing, healing, and kicking out the patterns of the world. She has been learning how to live securely as His daughter and working on the assignments that only He gives. Stacy loves Bible study and teaching what God has taught her. She is a wife, mother, leadership coach, business owner, and an award-winning author. See Stacy’s Amharic Kids books at

Track 3 – Self-Reflection as a Leader

Striving, Yet Never Enough

Dr. Katie Dobowey

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Dr. Kate Dobowey is a native of Cold Spring, Minnesota. She achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, while assisting in medical research at the University of Minnesota-School of Medicine. Dr. Dobowey was nominated and awarded the prestigious Vogt Leadership Society scholarship as well as numerous other honors while at Palmer College of Chiropractic, where she accomplished her Doctorate of Chiropractic. Throughout her studies at Palmer College, she met and interned with several Pediatric and Atlas specialists around the United States and Canada.

Dr. Dobowey opened her private practice in 2003, where she continues to primarily serve wellness-focused families. She has been educating Central Minnesota on the potential of optimizing one’s quality of life with a natural and holistic approach to healthcare. Her passion for vitality and wellness is reflected among all her practice team members and staff. Dr. Dobowey is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist through Sherman College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The doctor and her husband reside in St. Cloud with their three young children. Learn more about Dr. Kate and Atlas Family Chiropractic at

Discovering Abundant Health (Healthy Mindy, Body, and Spirit)

Ashley Darkenwald

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Energy, abundance, vitality, confidence, and longevity– what do all of these words have in common? Our health! We all have a body. Let’s joyfully learn how to best steward the gift of the body with confidence and grace.  Learn practical tips on mindfulness, including mindful eating and SMART goal setting.

Join award-winning author and speaker Ashley Darkenwald as you laugh and learn how to live your healthiest life, filled with grace and abundance!

Ashley Darkenwald, MS, CPT, PES, loves pizza! And ice cream with peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookies. Years ago, Ashley realized that she was addicted to sugar and junk food nearly her whole life . . . and has paid  the price with weight struggles, allergies, adult acne, and joint pain. Ashley started a journey to discover what it means to live a balanced, abundant life full of colorful nutrition, functional fitness, and deep spirituality. Ashley is passionate to share her health secrets with everyone! With more than ten years as a certified personal trainer and as an award-winning author, business owner, and mother of three, Ashley continues her journey of lifelong learning with her newest award-winning book Living Wellness for Growth Groups! Learn more at

Conquering Your Junk

Tonya Melody

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We all have life issues, “junk,” that we disguise and put off dealing with. These issues affect our hearts and the way we lead and navigate life. The heart is mentioned over 540 times from Genesis to Revelation and has four distinct capacities: to think, desire, feel, and choose. Learn how such capacities help us overcome and conquer the “junk” that hinders our ability to live fully and be more effective with those we come alongside.

Tonya Melody is a wife, mother of four, teacher, speaker, chiropractor, and natural health enthusiast. With a doctorate in chiropractic care and being a certified facilitator with Entrust Ministries, her passion for health is all-encompassing as she teaches about spiritual heart-care so we can reflect the image of God more clearly. She is a Minnesota native, lives in the Twin Cities area, and is busy making kale chips, reading, working out at her favorite gym, teaching Bible studies, and serving her church through teaching and prayer ministries.

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