Sandy McKeown

Writing Your Story

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Are you interested in writing about your life experiences but aren’t sure where to start? This hands-on workshop will provide encouragement and tools to begin brainstorming and writing your story, along with tips on journaling and how to start sharing your story with others.

Everyone starts life with Once Upon a Time, but we can end our stories with Happily Ever After. This breakout will teach you how.

Sandy has been published in several anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Chocolate Lover’s Soul, One Year Life Verse Devotional, and Laundry Tales to Lighten Your Load.

Renee Clanton

Parenting in the Trenches

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God chose YOU to be the mom of your kids! This session will equip you with Biblical promises, parenting principles and practical ways to parent in the trenches…and find joy in the journey.

Renee Clanton is a positive, energetic communicator who loves to share about the faithfulness of our amazing God! Renee, an ordained Assembly of God missionary, currently works with Network211, ministering to hurting people seeking hope online worldwide.

Renee graduated from North Central University, served as a missionary to Muslims both overseas and in the United States, coordinated single moms retreats in Southern California and loves ministering to women. Renee raised two daughters as a divorced, single mom for 8 years. Having remarried in 2013, Renee and her husband, Flynn, now serve together as Assemblies of God world missionaries and love their blended family of five kids.

Faith Fitzgerald

Reinventing Your Career

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Do you find yourself in a job that doesn’t use your God-given gifts and talents and doesn’t give you the fulfillment you are longing for? Allow yourself to “Dare to Dream” about the plans God has for your life and your career. Recruiter & business owner, Faith Fitzgerald, is all about reinventing your career for the better! This session will cover five essential tips to reinvent your career.

Faith is very passionate about helping others find careers that utilize their gifts and interests. She has over 20 years of experience in Recruitment Management working in both large corporations and recruiting vendor firms. She owns her own Recruiting firm in Bloomington, MN and has many clients across the US. Faith has a BSBA in Management from the University of ND.

For a few years Faith was a single mom and reinvented her career during that time. She remarried five years ago, and her blended family includes three beautiful children ranging from age 21-25.

Jim Otremba

Stress Management

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As a LICSW, Jim has specialized in treating anxiety and stress for the last 20 years. Come and join Jim as he shares proven techniques that have helped many single moms. There will be tips and truths that can lower your stress today!

Jim Otremba has been married since 1995 and has been a part-time stay-at-home dad since 1999. He holds a Master of Divinity from St. John’s, a Master of Applied Psychology from St. Cloud State University, and is currently finishing his Doctorate in Psychology. He is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Minnesota and owns a state licensed mental health clinic in St. Cloud:

Jim and his wife, Maureen, bring their professional teachings to thousands of Christians each year throughout the U.S. through workshops, workbooks, and retreats. He is a dynamic speaker who uses high energy and humor.

Tim Demery

A Financial Plan That Works

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Does the thought of budgeting, saving, and debt planning make your stomach turn? Tim will discuss simple ways that you can save money today and easy steps to help gain more control over your finances.

Tim has spent the last 20 years in the financial services industry. He works with financial advisors, helping their clients maintain dignity and independence in retirement, and has frequently led personal finance classes at his church. Raised by a single mother, he has experienced firsthand the challenges that come with single parenting. Tim and his wife Kristin have been married for nine years and have three beautiful daughters.

Sandy McKeown

Parenting a Child With Special Needs

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Have you been granted the privilege of raising a child with special needs? This workshop will discuss the stages you experience as a parent before you can reach the level where you can optimally help your challenging children. Are you where you need to be to help yours? Come; learn how to help your child become what God had planned all along.

Sandy, along with her traveling (often absent) husband, raised five children, three with extra challenges. One child with Attention Deficit Disorder and a Mood Disorder; one with Epilepsy, a Reading Disability, Depression and Oppositional Defiance; and one with Autism. All of their children are functioning in society independently. Come discover how you can have these miracles in your children’s lives, too!

Melinda Nelson

Trash to Treasure

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Melinda is a girl who loves junk and decorating with it!

Join Melinda as she takes literal junk and turns it into something beautiful–all while sharing of God’s redemptive nature to turn our stories–no matter what–into something masterful, beautiful, and hope-filled!

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Penny Bertsch

Managing Conflict & Creating a Win

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Living and or working closely together means that we will surely disagree at times, and that we will probably offend and irritate each other.  There are differing personalities, methods, needs, and preferences in people.  These differences can generate conflict.  The way we handle our differences will determine the health of our relationships.  The purpose of this workshop is to share some concepts for managing conflicts that create a win applicable to any relationship: team, co-worker, marriage, family, or friend.Penny is the director of Cornerstone Life Coaching, where she and husband Dave specialize in marriage relationship coaching and reconciliation, pouring into each couple biblical principles that unite, fortify, and grow marriages. She coaches women to know what fits, be in the flow, and move upon their highest performance qualities. Penny equips the church through Entrust4 Women to Women Ministry Training. She enjoys surrounding her family, friends, and foreigners with hospitality and pretty food.

Traci & Emily

Healing from Hurts

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You are loved, but do you really believe it?

Oftentimes, we live as if nothing is wrong, stuffing our hurts and pains down deep and trying to think them away. The reality is that unhealed pain becomes the way we identify ourselves and also tempt others to treat us. Learn from Emily and Tracie as they discuss how through exposing lies, we are empowered to exchange lies for a new understanding of God’s heart for us. It is then that we find the freedom, love, and identity we were created for, resulting in true healing from hurts.

Emily is the Senior Pastor of The Redeemed Church, founder of He Cares Ministry, and speaker for Intimacy Unashamed Conferences. Emily has been married to Brian since 1997, and together they are blessed with three amazing teenagers whom they homeschool. Emily enjoys a good book, hot mug of chai tea, and caring for her farm animals. 

Tracie is a happily married mother of four. She is a prayer minister with The Redeemed Church, a public speaker, and certified Elijah House School of Ministry facilitator. Tracie also works with Light of Life Ministries as a conference speaker. She has a passion to co-labor with God, share truth, and lead the hurting to the healing.

Renee Clanton

Dating as a Single Mom

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Dating as a single mom is not the same as dating when we were in high school! In this session, we will look at the joys, the challenges, the cautions and the hopes of dating as a single mom. God’s plan is for good for your life! Dare to dream…

Renee graduated from North Central University, served as a missionary to Muslims both overseas and in the United States, coordinated single moms retreats in Southern California and loves ministering to women. Renee raised two daughters as a divorced, single mom for 8 years. Having remarried in 2013, Renee and her husband, Flynn, now serve together as Assemblies of God world missionaries and love their blended family of five kids.

Ashley Darkenwald

15 Budget & Kid-Friendly Superfoods

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In this fun and energetic breakout, learn which superfoods give you the best nourishment for your buck! We’ll be looking at easy pantry swaps, how to make quick and nourishing meals, and most importantly, how to get the kids excited about healthier meals and snacks. Empower yourself in this encouraging session!

Ashley Darkenwald, MS, CPT, PES, loves pizza! And ice cream with peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookies. Years ago, Ashley realized that she was addicted to sugar and junk food nearly her whole life . . . and has paid  the price with weight struggles, allergies, adult acne, and joint pain. Ashley started a journey to discover what it means to live a balanced, abundant life full of colorful nutrition, functional fitness, and deep spirituality. Ashley is passionate to share her health secrets with everyone! With more than ten years as a certified personal trainer and as an award-winning author, business owner, and mother of three, Ashley continues her journey of lifelong learning with her newest award-winning book Living Wellness for Growth Groups!

Dwayne & Paul

Car Care Mini Breakout

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How do you check your fluids, tire pressure, change a tire, and know the necessities for keeping your vehicle maintained, cost-effective, and safe to drive? Come learn or refresh your car care knowledge with Dwayne and Paul!

Dwayne is a husband, dad, and grandpa, and Paul is a husband, dad, and grandpa whose life experiences have allowed them to work on many vehicles and farm equipment throughout the years.

These brothers-in-law are honored to share their knowledge and help with any questions you might have!