I’ve been misunderstood before. We all have. It stinks! It burns!

Relationships and friendships scare me as much as they thrill me.

Most people probably don’t think I’d feel that way—but when I really get down to it and acknowledge the crazy feelings I go through, it’s true.

Yes, it’s also true I am happy and thriving amongst wonderful friendships and acquaintances.

Yes, it’s true I never seem lonely.

Yes, I have a pretty active life.

Yes, it’s super joyful! (Thank God, because he’s good like that! I am so not watering down his goodness!)

Yes, I smile a lot (do we need to go back to some previous posts that pointed out when I don’t smile I look like a ticked-off assassin? And yes, I truly am happy a lot because there is a lot to smile about. Again, thank you God! Seriously, without God, life really stinks.)

Yes, I truly do have a wonderful and blessed life full of support!!

But I also struggle because I am human. It’s the world we live in. Battles are real; my feelings are real. More real than I really want to admit.

Why do relationships scare me? Because every relationship is another possibility that I will love someone more deeply than they might love me. To me, that is the loneliest feeling in the world.

Honestly? My love for God and His love for me swells me with an unexplainable love for people, a desire to see them thrive, and for us to be connected in championing each other on in who He’s created us all to be in our unique, individual ways!

So, I dove in anyway. I dove into a culture of relationships and friendships! God put a desire within me to cultivate that culture of relationships, people’s giftings, grace for growth through weaknesses, and setting truths into action…so, Stirring Embers was birthed!

What is it exactly?

My website says, “When hot coals are stirred up and cozied together they have the ability to give off wonderful warmth. They also carry the ability to re-ignite the once blazing flame! We women have walked through “fires” in life, and through it, we also acquire a flame of purpose. When we come together, we enable each other to give off a loving warmth and ensure our ability to ‘carry our flame’! One ember by itself quickly becomes a deadened coal…but when you stir the embers together they easily carry the heat and gain the ability to create a strong blaze.”

But, the personal, raw origin of where Stirring Embers came from was the deadest, coldest part of myself being breathed back into life by God and His burning love for me and for you.

For those closest to me, and those who hate and judge the most…

For those who flicker, and for those blaze…

For those who have hurt me and I’ve forgiven, and those who were selfless…

For those who have had shifting loyalties, and those who always have my back…

…I know God is working in you just as He is working in me too. Because of His enabling love…

I love you, forEMBER. ™

~ Robyn
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Robyn McLean

Author Robyn McLean

Robyn McLean is a wife and mother to two adorable kids. She co-founded and manages Rugged Soul alongside her husband, Josh. Her passion is cultivating Stirring Embers, a movement of women in the Columbia Gorge coming together to enrich each other in their God-given gifts and unique design—connecting through joy, laughter, and tears. Official Website: www.RuggedSoulOutdoors.com and www.Stirring-Embers.com // Stay Connected: www.facebook.com/CoffeeWithRobyn

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