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You're Not Ready: Dating With Intention

Written by Tara Gronhovd

As I said the words, “You’re not ready,” we both winced. I paused and softened my tone, “I’m sorry, but you are not ready.” These were tough words to say and I’m sure tougher for my friend to hear as she struggled with loneliness -- just like I once did. Based on what she was telling me about her dating choices, I had to be honest. She wasn’t ready. The hard truth is that many women aren’t ready.

When You Need a Little Boost

Written by Julie Fisk

"Mom, give me a little boost," my son instructed me. He was newly off training wheels and had just graduated to a bigger bike. I steered my bike closer, bent down and gripped his handle bar as he put his feet on his pedals and took off, determined to catch up to his father and sister further along the bike path.

I didn't "boost" him. I didn't need to. He was doing it all on his own -- the balancing, the surging forward under his own strength. He just needed me next to him for a little "boost" of confidence.

10 Tips for Great Family Photos

Written by Lindsay May
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It’s that time of year when the warm weather has left, the leaves are turning, and it’s time to think about the next season quickly approaching… family photo season!

Here in Minnesota, many clients wait for fall to update their annual photos in order to get those gorgeous golden outdoor hues in their shots. While the season’s natural settings may be perfect, the real success of your family’s photo shoot depends on your preparation and planning.