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Grandma Bernadette's Apple Strudel Recipe

Written by Esther Aspling

Every family should have a grandma who loves to bake. If you don’t, I am so sorry for you!

In my family, it was my Grandma Bernadette. This women always had a bowl of lemon drops and M&Ms on the counter, a drawer of other candy treats, and a freezer full of ice cream. Needless to say, she was my favorite grandma.

Let it Go

Written by Tabby Finton

They were little girls, sisters actually, just 13 months apart in age. The older child loved to take care of the younger, but the younger girl didn’t appreciate that very much. She was the youngest of seven children, and she had enough people bossing her around; she didn’t want another one. Every chance she got, she rebelled against the mothering of her slightly older sister.

So she pinched and sassed her sister, year after year. Until finally, after many years, the caretaker stopped her ministrations, and the rift between the sisters grew wide.

Moose, the Tattoo Artist

Written by Tara Gronhovd

A common defensive tactic for people who hate to be judged is to judge others first. Beat them to the punch! And because I can be quite witty (and before I was a Christian), I developed a snarky and sarcastic attitude about people I assumed would judge me . . . mainly Christians. In fact, a friend of mine and I had a lot of fun names for these judgmental Christians. My FAVORITE nickname? ”Fiesty Christ-y.”  It still makes me giggle – you should try saying it once. Right now. At your computer. “Fiesty Christ-y.”