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Redefining Stepparent Adoption

Written by Esther Aspling

11 years ago I was a single mom with two kids. I had figured out how to balance work, home and co-parenting with the father of my youngest child. But an emotional crisis for my oldest, who was four at the time, forced me to quit my job and stay home to support her full time.

Just a month later, I met and started dating my now husband of over 10 years.

He often jokes that he fell in love with our oldest two children before he fell in love with me, something that only made me love him that much more.

The Fruits of My Life

I rang the doorbell and she opened the door, dressed in leggings and a t-shirt, looking as fit as can be. Rock music was playing in the background. She welcomed me in and danced over to the kitchen counter to turn off the music. She was smiling and radiant, giggling at how I had caught her in the midst of jamming to her favorite songs. The woman was 89 years old.