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When It Doesn’t Feel Like Easter

| Faith | One Comment

Easter is mere days away. The weather anchor has been forecasting the best time for egg hunts, after-church dinner plans are in place, and the kids are off school. Maybe…


Why Genealogies Matter

| Faith | No Comments

What do you think of when you look at the genealogies in the Bible? Do they excite you or bore you? For me, these genealogies have been easy to skip…

When Fear Overtakes Us

| Faith, Life Issues | 2 Comments

I awakened in the morning with fear in my throat, and found myself trying to swallow the acrid taste of it. There was no immediate cause, but the irrational fear…

Hints from God

| Faith | No Comments

Do you ever have days where everything you hear, read, or see seems to point in the same direction? At those times, I feel like maybe God is hinting for…