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Your Words DO Matter

Written by Melinda Nelson

God often surprises me; how could he not when he is God? But sometimes I am taken aback with how intentional and delicate he is in his love and care of each of us. I was recently reflecting on the Words Matter Conference from a few weeks back and although I knew a certain moment made warm fuzzies explode in my heart, it wasn’t until I thought back on it that I saw the intricate handiwork of his love.

Is There Ever a Happy Season?

Written by Nancy Holte

A few weeks ago my friend posed this question on Facebook: “Is anyone ever truly 100 percent happy where they’re at, in the season that they’re in, without struggle? I feel like we go from seasons of challenges and struggles, to MORE (but different) challenges and struggles. It truly steals my joy some days, and it’s so STINKIN’ annoying! Happiness is a choice, I know. I just wish it wasn’t such a struggle some days! Finances, health, work, car repairs, kids, house, relationships, bills, taxes, debt, exercise, weight, marriage, and the list goes on.” She was having a bad day.

The It Girl

Written by Renee Bertalan

Have you ever heard the saying that opposites attract? I have, and I am a strong believer in it. Have you ever observed this to be true? In so many couples, there is a bubbly, talkative woman with a very serious-minded man. Or a very strict and disciplined girl, with a guy that loves to enjoy all the silly things in life. It's kind of funny that although we say that we seek to find someone with whom we have things in common, we are usually drawn to those whose strengths are different from our own.