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Lifted By Prayer

Written by Kristin Demery

I got the call on a Thursday morning. My husband was far from home and he sounded discouraged, his voice strained.

As my two small children fluttered around me like so many mismatched butterflies unaware of the danger of a coming storm, I blindly sat down on my mother’s couch, gripped my phone tightly and held on.

Something had happened, a work situation beyond our control.

And although I knew things could and would work out, I felt crushed in the talons of fear’s unrelenting grip.

Why I Won't Miss a BTG Conference

Written by Kendra Roehl

Choose joy!

These two words were part of the theme for the first Bridging the Gap women’s conference I attended several years ago, and became an impactful part of my life afterward that I still remember today. Since then, I have attended numerous spring conferences that have comforted me when I grieved, challenged me in my faith, and encouraged me to dream big.

Easy Peasy Mother's Day Project

Written by Nancy Holte
Easy Peasy Mother's Day Project

Wouldn’t it be fun to give mom or grandma a homemade present for Mother’s Day – one that looks like it could be found in an art gallery but in fact could be done (at least in part) by a three-year-old? That’s how easy this project is. In fact, my two 3-year-old grandchildren made the tall vase pictured here – with help a little help from their aunt.

For this project you’ll need: