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Marrying Your Money

How do you manage your finances in a marriage? Like a recent movie title states, “It’s complicated.” First, I want to start off by disclosing that I am not married and I have never been married. However, as a financial planner, a sister, daughter, aunt, and friend, I have seen my share of couples wading through the money waters. My business is helping people with their money, and every day couples share with me the details of their financial lives. From this experience, I have developed some cautionary tales of managing money in a household.

When Being Angry Makes Sense

Written by Nancy Holte

In many ways it made perfect sense to be angry with God. At least that’s what a lot of people seemed to think. “It’s okay to be angry with God,” they’d say. “He can take it.” My husband, John, had just been diagnosed with a treatable, yet curable cancer after all. Anger seemed a logical reaction. And yet the truth is, getting angry with God never even entered our minds. I know that people deal with the difficulties of life in different ways, and some do get angry at God. That’s just not how I responded.

Becoming A Dreamer 2: What Are You Seeking?

Written by Tara Gronhovd

In the last six years since I accepted Christ and began following him, my life and WHO I AM has changed dramatically. I am not just talking about getting married seven months ago and forming a new ministry -- those are two dreams God has put on my heart -- I’m talking about seeking God and becoming who God intends for me to be. It is the transformation process that is the miracle; the dreams and prayers he answers along the way are added blessings! This is an ongoing transformation process and, praise God, he’s not done with me yet!