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Easy Peasy Mother's Day Project

Written by Nancy Holte
Easy Peasy Mother's Day Project

Wouldn’t it be fun to give mom or grandma a homemade present for Mother’s Day – one that looks like it could be found in an art gallery but in fact could be done (at least in part) by a three-year-old? That’s how easy this project is. In fact, my two 3-year-old grandchildren made the tall vase pictured here – with help a little help from their aunt.

For this project you’ll need:

Gift of Acceptance

This past week, I spent some time with a friend, someone I have known for years. She was telling me about the recent death of her grandma, a woman she was very close to. Her grandmother was in her eighties and very active and healthy and involved in her community. My friend shared that it was hard to get on her grandmother’s calendar because she was so busy, even at that age! Her grandmother’s death was particularly hard because it my friend believed that her grandmother would have lived a much longer life if it hadn’t been for cancer.

Spring into Diamond Strength

Written by Ashley Darkenwald

Do you know what makes diamonds so strong? PRESSURE.

How does pressure relate to your health and fitness this season as the weather warms up? Two things:

1. Consistency. Exercise even when you don’t feel like it. Consistency makes you stronger and more likely to achieve your fitness goals. Spring is the perfect time to start a consistent exercise routine.