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Rest in Him

Rest in Him

| Leadership | No Comments

At a church Bible study, the subject of resting in God was taught. Some of the author’s points were so good that I had to think about how it applied…

What If…?

| Life Issues | No Comments

Do you ever think about the “what ifs” in your life? What if I’d married that person instead of this person? What if I’d taken that job instead of this…

Walking Through the Workday

Walk Away the Workday

| Just Laughs | 3 Comments

“50 is the new 40,” “Blush is the new neutral,” “This is the new that” is very trendy. We do our best to make people feel younger and in style….

the reset button

The Reset Button

| Faith | One Comment

Sometimes we all need a big red button to push when we’re overwhelmed by life. Slam our palms down and bam! A day or two (sometimes longer) in which we…