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 New Episodes Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month

Welcome to the Bridging the Gap Podcast, where our mission is to help encourage, equip, and empower you in your faith journey, leadership capacities, relationships, and personal growth!

On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, join our podcast host, Mykelti Blum, and incredible guests for leadership and encouragement-based conversations. These discussions offer practical tools, advice, and encouragement around various topics, while having a lot of fun!

Previous Episode Topics

  • Episode 61: The Every Day Pursuit w/ Susie Larson & Amber Gerstmann
  • Episode 60: Unlocking Your Identity in Christ w/ Hosanna Wong
  • Episode 59: The Lord’s Prayer Explained w/ Sarah Nyandoro
  • Episode 58: Living an Unoffendable Life w/ Melissa Coleman
  • Episode 57: Unpacking Thrive, PURSUIT, & the Devo Book w/ BTG Director, Angie Goetz, and Kristen Ostrem
  • Episode 56: The Old Testament’s Relevance for Today w/ Dr. Allen Tennison
  • Episode 55: Introverts and Extroverts in Leadership w/ Bill Tibbetts ABD
  • Episode 54: Faithful Through the Storm w/ Heidi Rausch
  • Episode 53: Jesus’ Authority for Moms w/ Jennifer Maggio
  • Episode 52: A Missionary’s Journey w/ Marlys Kingsriter
  • Episode 51: Servant Leadership & The Lund Leadership Award w/ Brandi Petruzzelli & Morgan Sundberg
  • Episode 50: The Art of a Conversation w/ Mykelti Blum
  • Reclaimed Parenting Priorities w/ Pastor Nick Grey
  • Financial Freedom in Marriage w/ Lisa Jones
  • Caring for Your Calling w/ Alli Worthington
  • Some Miracles Need a Mom w/ Sandy McKeown
  • Leading & Supporting Others Through Crisis w/ Dr. Scott & Karen Hagan
  • Raising Your Kids to Know Jesus w/ Pastors Doug & Vicki Graham
  • Prioritizing Your Season for a Win w/ Lindsay May
  • Project42 & the BTG hope Project w/ Tara Mack
  • Being Strong in Your Battle w/ Susie Larson
  • Using Your Time to Thrive w/ Carey Nieuwhof
  • Set Your Year Up for Success w/ Tabatha Perry
  • Ways to Reach New & Seasoned Believers w/ Pastor Doug Vagle
  • Self Care – More Than Just Bubble Baths & Chocolate w/ Stacy Sikorski
  • Following God’s Path as a Planner w/ Morgan Pearson
  • Introducing the Thrive Devotional w/ Bri Slegh
  • Using Your Testimony to Follow God’s Call w/ Pastor Micah Mac
  • A Heart for Missions & The Hope Project w/ Julie Neal
  • Leading the Next Generation w/ Dr. Carol Alexander
  • Diving Into Mother-Daughter Relationships w/ Mykelti Blum & Diane Shirk
  • Finding True Happiness w/ Pastor Peter Haas
  • Supporting Children and Families w/ Dr. Kathy Koch
  • Courageous Pioneers w/ Becky Meyerson
  • 30 for Freedom & Pouring into the Next Generation w/ Brent Silkey
  • Mental Health & Ways Leaders Can Support Others w/ Pastor Brittany Jones
  • Meeting the BTG Director w/ Angie Goetz
  • Leading When You’re Not in Charge w/ Dr. Lori Dykstra
  • Rediscovering Health & Routine After Disruptions w/ Ashley Darkenwald
  • Let’s Talk About Marriage w/ Derek & Kari Staaland
  • Managing Stress in Healthy Ways w/ Dr. Katie Dobowey
  • Every Woman is a Potential Leader w/ Julie Fisk
  • Racial Unity Within the Church w/ Portia Allen
  • Discussing Friendships-It’s Complicated w/ Andi Andrew
  • Preparing Him Room This Advent Season w/ Susie Larson
  • Doing Boundaries w/ Havilah Cunnington
  • Leading Yourself & Encouraging Others w/ Micah Kennealy
  • God’s Promises Are For Today w/ Andi Andrew
  • Fitness, Health, & Balance w/ Ashley Darkenwald
  • Thrive Conference History, Purpose, & 2021 Preview w/ Carol Lund
  • Thankfulness in Every Season w/ Pastors Jeff & Kristie Kerr
  • Perspective in the Middle w/ Peggy Vagle
  • Leading Well When Business Isn’t As Usual w/ Pat Schwalbe
  • Kindness and Kids’ Summer Bucket Lists w/ The Ruth Experience
  • Soul Care, the Enneagram, and Identity w/ Faith Fitzgerald
  • Overcoming Comparison and Intimidation w/ Mykelti Blum
  • Marketing Techniques for Ministry and Marketplace Organizations w/ Shannon Velsor
  • Mental Health in Leadership w/ Terri Fedorenko
  • The Heart Behind the Podcast w/ Carol Lund
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Podcast with Susie Larson
Podcast with Ashley Darkenwald
Podcast with Brittany Jones
Podcast with Andi Andrew
Podcast with Susie Larson
Podcast with Brittany Jones

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