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A Statewide Women's Ministry for Minnesota
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Bridging The Gap, One Woman at a Time

God has beautifully designed each of us with the capacity to know Him and live out the unique and powerful purpose He has for our lives. We want to help you on the journey! That’s why we’re our commitment is to:

Encourage every woman to intentionally love and accept others based on God’s Word. We do this through cultivating opportunities for authentic connections with women–across cultures, generations, and denominations.

Equip every woman to connect with her family, community, and world. We do this through offering opportunities for networking, leadership development, sharing relevant ideas, and healthy vision casting.

Empower every woman to fulfill the unique purpose and abundant life she was designed to live! We do this through providing opportunities to serve, learn, mentor and lead by example.

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We work to enhance the holistic well-being of women—across cultures, generations, and denominations.

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Don’t Settle for Close Enough

Don’t Settle for Close Enough

We have a lovely three-season porch where we eat most of our meals in the summer. It's also where I go to pray and read in the mornings. I have a lovely view of the lake and can breathe the cool morning air . . . it's comfortable . . . it's convenient . . . it's...

6 Books to Lift Your Spirits

6 Books to Lift Your Spirits

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need a funny or feel-good book to lighten my mood a bit. This has never been truer than it is now, during this whole COVID season of life. If I start a book and it looks even remotely depressing, I’ll put it down and move...

5 Ways to Be Proactive Over Loneliness

5 Ways to Be Proactive Over Loneliness

A survey conducted well before the pandemic found that 75% of American adults feel lonely. Although I am sure we all understand the term loneliness, I found the dictionary definition to be enlightening. Webster defines loneliness as: sadness because one has no friends...