Bridging the Gap believes every woman is a potential leader. It is our desire to honor women who lead with excellence in various areas, including ministry, marketplace, community, and family.


The Lund Leadership Award

The Lund Leadership Award was created to recognize individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership and empower other women to step into leadership. The award is presented annually at the BTG Leadership Conference.


 Award Criteria

Bridging the Gap has identified several key criteria for recipients of the Lund Leadership Award:

  • Demonstrates Christ-like character and is an example of excellence for others
  • Works well with people in a variety of environments
  • Is actively involved in the  development and mentorship of others
  • Is dedicated to the betterment of community and/or their circle of influence



The following rules apply:

  • Nominees can be any woman, age 18+, who also meets the award criteria.
  • Nominations for anyone on the selection committee, or a previous winner of the award, will not be accepted.
  • The winner must attend the BTG Leadership Conference.
  • Nominations must be submitted by 11:59 pm on October 31, 2024.


“Carol is a pioneer and visionary. She is a leader of leaders and makes people feel seen and loved. Carol knows how to spot potential and call it out of people,  building teams almost better than anyone I’ve ever known.”

-Angie Goetz, Director of Bridging the Gap

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a nomination?

Any individual can submit a nomination. We all can be cheerleaders for each other! Bridging the Gap staff or members of the selection committee and their families may not submit a nomination, however.

Can multiple people nominate someone?

Nominations can be made as a collaboration, or separately. If multiple nominations are received for the same individual the selection committee will work to consolidate the nomination information.

Can I nominate someone who has been nominated in the past?

Yes, although no individual who has won in the past is eligible again.

Do I have responsibilities as the nominator?

Yes, since the award recipient is a surprise, one of the responsibilities of the nominator is to ensure the award winner is present at the BTG Leadership Conference.

How does the selection process work?

The selection committee comprised of 5-7 women will look at nomination forms with names removed from them to ensure an unbaised review. The selection will be determined based on the description of the award, the award criteria, and eligibility criteria.

When is the winner announced, and will nominees be notified of their nomination?

The winner will be announced on the Friday evening of the BTG Leadership Conference during the opening session.

No, nominees will not be notified of their nomination.


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