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btg Leadership Conference


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Bridging the Gap Leadership Conference

Join us for a powerful getaway with Training, Connecting, Workshops, Idea-Sharing, Prayer, Coffee, and Lots of Fun!

The Bridging the Gap Leadership Conference is for every woman–spanning generations, life stages, and leadership experience. We believe every woman is a potential leader, and we have designed this event for you!

You will gain fresh perspectives, resources, and connections with sister leaders from across Minnesota. Come individually or with your team!

2025 Bridging the Gap Leadership Conference
  • February 21-22
  • Lake Geneva Christian Center (Alexandria, MN)
  • Featuring Charlotte Gambill and Lindsay May & Kylie DeBoef (emcees)
  • Plus Multiple Workshops, the Lund Leadership Award Presentation, The Leadership Exchange, The Breakfast Buzz, Networking, Coffee, and More
  • SUB Project Collection for the Single Moms Retreat
  • Add-On Options: Friday Dinner, Sweatshirt, Thurs and/or Sat Night Lodging, Professional Headshots
  • Cozy “Up North” Outdoor Activities Available
    • Guided Moonlit Walk, Ice Skating (bring your own skates), Bonfire & S’mores
    • Indoor Pool & Outdoor Hot Tub
    • Bingo


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  • 4:30 pm – Registration (Dining Hall)
  • 5:00-6:30 pm – Dinner On-site (Optional Add-on Ticket) + Shopping
  • 5:30-6:30 pm – Headshot Photos (Add-on option)
  • 7:00 pm – Lund Leadership Award Announcement + Main Session 1 with Charlotte Gambill
  • 9:00-9:30 pm – Registration
  • 9:00-11:00 pm – After-Party
    • Bingo, Pizza, Networking, Shopping, Indoor Pool/Outdoor Hot Tub
    • Cozy “Up North” Activities: Lakeside Bonfire + S’mores, Guided Moonlit Walk, + Ice Skating (Bring Your Own Skates)


  • 6:45 am – Coffee Available (Dining Hall)
  • 7:00 am – Breakfast + Exhibitor Shopping + Outside Devotions by the Lake (With Coffee + Hot Cocoa)
  • 7:30 am – Saturday Registration
  • 7:45-8:15 am – Breakfast Buzz
  • 8:30-9:30 am – Workshops 1
  • 9:45-10:45 am – Workshops 2
  • 11:00-12:30 pm – Main Session 2 with Charlotte Gambill
  • 12:30 pm – Lunch + Exhibitor Shopping
  • 2:00 pm – Main Session 3: BTG Missions Offering

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2025 Featured Guests

2025 Featured Guests

Alli Worthington

Charlotte Gambill – Speaker

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Charlotte is a sought-after global Bible teacher, communicator, and mentor. With over 25 years of leadership experience, she holds a passion to see the potential in others realized!

Regularly investing in hundreds of thousands of lives globally across a broad spectrum of environments, Charlotte imparts practical teaching, insight, and wisdom into church building, staff training, and discipleship, and most recently has founded The Collective, a mentorship program that sees people from all walks of life find connection and community as they embark upon this leadership intensive.

Author of 16 books, Co-Founder of Dare to Be Conference, and Founder of The We Are One Foundation, Charlotte is passionate about supporting those making a difference in the most difficult and broken of places.

Charlotte is also a teaching Pastor at The Church of The Highlands USA, and serves alongside her husband Steve in building Life Church in the UK and Europe. Married for over 25 years Steve and Charlotte have two teenage children Hope Cherish and Noah Brave.

Learn more about Charlotte at

Angie Goetz - BTG Director

Angie Goetz – BTG Director

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Angie Goetz is the Director of Bridging the Gap, the women’s ministry of the MN District of the Assemblies of God. She is an ordained minister and works toward the long-held traditions of BTG by Encouraging, Equipping, and Empowering women in their faith journey with Jesus.

Angie has been married for 27 years and has 2 sons ages 21 and 20 and a daughter who is 16. She lives in Austin, MN, and has a professional background of 25 years in low-income property management and various areas of community involvement including serving 11 years on her local school board. She prefers to start her day with a diet coke instead of coffee, loves meeting new friends, spending time with old ones, and a good brainstorming session. She sometimes snorts when she laughs and relaxes by watching sunsets from her front porch in pajama pants as often as she can.

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Melissa Oler

Lindsay May – Emcee

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Lindsay May is the founder of The Truly Co., host of The Truly Co Podcast, and publisher of Truly magazine, a Christian print publication grounded in gospel truth, pairing stories of hope and encouragement with custom art and design. She is passionate about spirit-filled creativity, contextual biblical teaching, and leadership. Lindsay’s mission is to encourage others to step boldly into the kingdom assignments and dreams God has given them. She has a Masters Degree in Strategic Leadership and is also working towards a Master of Divinity from Pillar Seminary, where she is being trained in ancient Near East contexts, both for the Old and New Testament. Lindsay lives in Lakeville, Minnesota, and enjoys the little moments of life with her two kids, husband, and dogs. She loves speaking, photography, and finding adventure wherever she goes.

Learn more about The Truly Co.

Myndee Anderson

Kylie DeBoef – Emcee

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Kylie DeBoef is a down-to-earth 24-year-old who finds her greatest joy in her faith, freelance graphic design work, and savoring a slice of key lime pie. Currently, she calls Minneapolis her home and thoroughly enjoys the winter weather as it is perfect for snowboarding.

Kylie is heavily involved in a variety of roles at Cedar Valley Church, such as youth leading, young adult ministry, photography, and on occasion, she offers her support to the University of Minnesota’s Chinese Chi-Alpha, NiHao Minnesota, in collaboration with local missionaries where she is trying her best to learn the Mandarin language.

When she’s not dedicating her time to these pursuits, you’ll find Kylie in the company of her friends, working out, dancing, or putting her graphic design skills to use at General Mills. She is passionate about business as mission (BAM) and hopes to one day travel the world and equip women to grow their own businesses.

Follow @kylie.deboef on Instagram.

2024 Workshops

Check Back for 2025 Workshops

Launching a Mentorship Program

What does mentoring look like for a church? How can it be intentional and organic? We will be sharing about a pilot project that is currently underway, as well as new, soon-to-be released material on “How to Mentor!”

Carol Lund is a Christian visionary, leader, and mentor but also a wife, mother, and grandmother. As the former Director of Bridging the Gap for 25 years, she has been a catalyst for ministry to women across Minnesota, as well as an inspiration and mentor to women’s ministry leaders outside of this state. She walks out what she has learned: that God’s Word will mix with life’s experience to create the wisdom needed for living.

Cheryl and Denny Curran are lead pastors of River of Life (ROL) Church in Coldspring, MN. Cheryl’s leadership with women’s ministry touches hundreds of women within their church and community, especially during the annual River of Life “White Christmas” event every December. Cheryl loves being a mom, grandma, and cheering on her grandkids in their extracurricular activities.

Abby Olson is a wife of 26 years, a mother of four girls, and has served in ministry for 24 years with her husband, Jeff. They are currently on staff at The Waters Church in central MN. Abby oversees a mentoring connection for women called Becoming Her, and she’s passionate about women’s faith growing as they intentionally do life together.

Pamela Steinle: 75 Solid

You may have heard about 75 HARD, a “transformative mental toughness program” that “can permanently change your life” if you follow five rules for 75 days straight. The idea of committing to spiritual health in a sustainable way intrigued Pamela Steinle, so she began experimenting with a transformative spiritual health program, 75 SOLID, based on Matthew 7:24.

This session will go beyond superficial and temporary motivation. Instead, it will facilitate group discussion around practical strategies busy leaders can implement in their lives to experience spiritual transformation. In this program, there’s plenty of grace for imperfect progress!

Through a variety of life experiences, including delivering announcements at CenterPoint Church in south-central Minnesota, presenting at professional and leadership conferences, and attaining a law degree and Master’s of Education, Pamela Steinle is equipped to speak, teach, and encourage. Passion areas include integration of Truth in our daily lives; living an intentional life; growing families through adoption; and being our authentic, broken selves.

Learn more about Pam on social media @steinlegrace.

Tabatha Perry: Obstacle Overdrive - Conquer Challenges in a Power Hour

Dive into a faith-infused, high-energy, solution-oriented hour, focusing on a personal obstacle exploration and swift action planning for instant results. Identify what holds you back and come up with a plan to overcome. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a list of obstacles that have been holding you back and an action plan for overcoming them.

• Fast-paced individualized obstacle exploration to uncover immediate challenges.
• Quick-fire self-reflection on key areas to identify impactful obstacles.
• Creation of a streamlined action plan for instant obstacle resolution.
• Engaging Q&A session for rapid insights and personalized takeaways.

With a Master’s degree in Social Work, Tabatha Perry is a highly regarded Life Coach, leveraging 15+ years of expertise in coaching, mentoring, consulting, and counseling. Originally from Alaska and with a background working in the Justice system, she brings distinctive and unique viewpoints to guide individuals and organizations in overcoming challenges, reaching their goals, to cultivate a more gratifying life, all while prioritizing burnout prevention and honoring God.

Learn more at

Melissa Coleman: Become An Unoffendable Leader

Do you carry burdens you would like to leave behind? Do you ever wonder why you can’t get completely free from the hard emotions and painful memories of past events, even when you’ve done your best to forgive the offenders in your life? Do you find yourself carrying baggage from past wounds into new situations, or do you have triggers that set you off?

Jesus paid a high price for us to experience complete freedom from oppression and live unburdened lives. Come learn how to live an unoffendable life–without having to grow thicker skin–and to utilize God’s powerful currency of Mercy to transact business in the heavenly courts. You will learn how to live at a level of freedom and authentic peace that most people only dream they could enjoy!

Melissa Coleman has been practicing law for 26 years, and currently serves as the Senior Principal and CEO of Coleman Law & Consulting, a Twin Cities based firm specializing in serving churches, faith-based organizations and small to mid-sized businesses. Coleman is recognized for her extensive work in advancing human rights in both domestic and international arenas, as well as for advocating for the rights of citizens to freely exercise their religious beliefs in their public and professional lives. Coleman and a small team of lawyers launched a nonprofit network of faith-based attorneys in her state, and she has served and continues to serve on numerous boards and advocacy teams. Coleman and her husband of 26 years have three adult and two teen kids. What Coleman loves most in life is helping people get free and stay free!

Dr. Edna Geddes: Keys to Improve Your Mood and Mental Health

Science confirms your quality of life depends on your mood. Our thoughts—real or imagined—influence feelings and shape behaviors. This session will provide practical keys to identify and break unhealthy mindsets by utilizing cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual strategies based upon biblical principles. There are things you can do improve your mood and quality life.

Dr. Edna is a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor’s wife, and is currently employed full-time at Nystrom & Associates, Ltd. as a mental health practitioner. She provides mental health services to diverse populations from various social economic statuses.

Panel: How to Give Feedback/Crucial Conversations

No matter your workplace or serving roles–whether in ministry, marketplace, or various volunteer settings, there are going to be hard conversations or feedback that we as leaders need to provide. Those conversations might come naturally for some but be challenging for others. Tune in to an honest and helpful discussion where Carol Lund, Kristie Kerr, Dolores Smith, and Mykelti Blum share wisdom and strategies to gain confidence in having crucial conversations.

There will also be a Q&A opportunity to have some of YOUR scenarios discussed and questions answered!

Tabatha Perry: Embrace the Shift - Navigating Life's New Seasons with Confidence
Join us for a dynamic workshop that empowers you to navigate life’s changing seasons with confidence and clarity. Learn to recognize when a season is coming to an end, discover the art of saying no with grace, and explore the compelling reasons why changing seasons is crucial for personal growth and fulfillment.
– Recognize the signs it’s time to transition seasons.
– Understand the faith-based significance of saying no.
– Develop effective communication strategies to gracefully decline opportunities that no longer align with your current season.
– Learn practical strategies for transitioning from one season to the next.


With a Master’s degree in Social Work, Tabatha Perry is a highly regarded Life Coach, leveraging 15+ years of expertise in coaching, mentoring, consulting, and counseling. Originally from Alaska and with a background working in the Justice system, she brings distinctive and unique viewpoints to guide individuals and organizations in overcoming challenges, reaching their goals, to cultivate a more gratifying life, all while prioritizing burnout prevention and honoring God.

Learn more at

Melissa Oler: Leading Well - It Starts with You!

We all desire to lead effectively, so let’s explore how Christ focused self-leadership creates the foundation for leading others well. In this session we will discuss the importance of emotional health, soul care, and spiritual growth, and consider how these things impact our leadership.

Melissa is a wife and also a mom to five amazing kids. She is a pastor and works with a local non-profit to help equip local believers in extending welcome. She enjoys learning new things, reading, and taking walks by the ocean.

Kristie Kerr: Faith In Culture - Lessons from Daniel

All of us want to stand up for our faith in a culture that is at best indifferent to our beliefs and at worst hostile to our faith. But HOW do we do that? Do we remove ourselves from culture? Do we view culture as the enemy and take a combative position? Or do we try to blend in and not rock the boat.

By looking at the story of Daniel in Babylon, we will see that he did not do any of these things. Through wisdom, discretion, courage, and love, Daniel engaged with the culture in a way that both promoted him to positions of influence and did not compromise his convictions. Join us for this workshop to gain practical tools to navigate cultural conversations in a complicated world.

Kristie Kerr is an author, speaker, worship leader, church planter, and mother of four. She has written several women’s books and Bible Studies, in addition to a series of gender specific devotionals and curriculum for children called “Polka Dot Girls” and “Bazooka Boys.” In 2015, she and her husband, Jeff launched Homestead Community Church in Farmington, MN. You can also hear them on their podcast, “A Little Kerrspective.”

Dolores Smith: Know Who You Are & Lead With Confidence

Identifying and understanding your leadership style is crucial for achieving success as a leader. In a world that constantly dictates who we should be, how to be, and what to be, it’s essential to ask ourselves: “Do we truly know who we are?” This workshop is designed to guide you through introspective conversations and exercises, helping you uncover your identity, values, and leadership principles.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear outline of your identity, values, and foundational leadership principles. Armed with this self-awareness, you’ll be well-equipped to elevate yourself to the next level as a leader or aspiring leader. Whether you’re an experienced leader or just starting out, this workshop is tailored to assist you in building or refining your personal leadership foundation.

Dolores Smith understands that life’s challenges can overwhelm each one of us even on our best day. Her “glass half-full optimism” spills over into her service as a Bridging the Gap advisor and in her career as a Learning and Development manager. Dolores’ motivating passion is to bring people together to discover and embrace all the joy life has to give.

Steph Peterson: Leading Through Chaos

Pastor Steph has more experience than she ever wanted in leading through times of chaos. Along the way, she has learned valuable lessons on how to keep putting one foot in front of the other when your whole world is shaking, yet you still need to lead! This session is for credentialed women and any woman who is the main leader of any organization.

Steph is the Chi Alpha Director at Winona State University and is a presbyter representing the Credentialed Female AG ministers in Minnesota.

After graduating from NCU Steph worked with her husband in 3 Minnesota churches in youth ministry and college/young adult for 19 years. In 2008, Steph re-started Chi Alpha at Winona State University. Steph continues to be the Director in Winona – leading students to a vibrant life in Christ and training up as many as desire to lead Bible Studies on campus.

Steph is married to Chuck who planted a separate AG church in Winona. They have three children Reid, Ellie, and Calvin and one absolutely adorable grandson, Hank.

Carly Anderson: Strengthen Your Resume & Win in the Interview in Today's Job Market

Whether you are actively exploring a new career opportunity, or you want to take your resume and interview skills from good to great, this workshop will arm you with lots of practical tips to navigate job changes with confidence.

After this 60 minute workshop, you’ll leave knowing how to:

✓ Strengthen your resume by 1) composing an authentic, compelling summary statement, 2) highlighting your accomplishments succinctly, and 3) optimizing your experience and skills with resume keywords – all to make sure you end up at the top of the pile.

✓ Prepare for the interview by 1) using a simple framework to organize your responses, 2) avoiding common pitfalls that can derail your chances of moving forward, and 3) leveraging a few best practices so you stand out from the other candidates.

Today, people have between 3-7 careers over their lifetime, and that number continues to climb. Regardless of our industry, seniority, or career goals, we all want to be prepared to seize every opportunity that God puts in our path. Right?!

Carly is a Marketing Director with 15 years of experience building strong teams and assessing talent, most recently at General Mills and Cargill. Having been on both sides of the interview table reguarly, she can draw on experiences as a candidate and a recruiter (having conducted 100+ interviews with everyone from college interns to experienced professionals from Top MBA and PhD programs). Her passion – to coach others to enable their full potential to shine through in defining moments.

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