BTG invites Minnesota women and women’s ministries to partner in funding our annual Hope Project together!

2022-2023 Hope Project:

Partner with Minnesota women in reaching our 2022/2023 Hope Project goal of $500,000! The Hope Project supports organizations that are reaching others with Hope of Jesus Christ through Evangelism, Discipleship, & Compassion!

  • 2022/2023 Recipients:
    • Project42: Supporting female missionaries reaching the 42% of the world’s population that has no access to the gospel
    • Africa’s Hope: Providing scholarships for women to attend Bible college; developing curriculum in Nigerian Bible schools
    • Venture: Funding counselors at border patrol stations between Nepal & India to identify victims of human trafficking; hosting women’s conferences
    • WorldServe International: Supplying free feminine hygiene products for schools in Kenya
  • Watch videos about these organizations below.


    • Give Now Online
    • Mail checks to BTG: 1315 Portland Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
    • Or let us know your intended pledge to give throughout 2022 and 2023. Gifts may be given via check or online until the 2023 Thrive Conference.
    • Request promo postcards to be mailed to you.

    2021/2022 Hope Project

    2021/2022 Hope Project:

    Nairobi, Kenya


    WorldServe has long recognized that women and girls in developing countries are often disproportionately affected by community water crises. An untold number of girls are also at a significant educational disadvantage, as it is nearly impossible to attend school during their menstrual cycles. Inadequate hygiene products can cause them and their teachers to miss up to five days of school per month. More than falling behind, many students have also experienced human trafficking, depression, and suicide as a result.


    HOPE PROJECT GOALS (2021-2022)

    • MINNESOTA WOMEN HAVE MET THEIR $100,000 GOAL; THANK YOU! Together, let’s raise ANOTHER $100,000 for 10 more schools!
      • GOALS MET:
        • 10 (schools) x $5,000 = $50,000
        • 1 year (manufacturing) = $50,000  
      • NEW GOALS:
        • 10 (schools) x $5,000 = $50,000
        • 1 year (manufacturing) = $50,000  


    • EQUIP girls in 10 Nairobi schools with a 1 year supply of biodegradable feminine-hygiene products and quality undergarments
    • EDUCATE girls about their God-given identity and perfectly-designed body, as well as the Gospel message
    • EMPLOY 15 women to earn a fair wage by working to produce these sanitary products


    • Give Now Online
    • Mail checks to BTG: 1315 Portland Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
      Rwanda Challenge 2020 Check Presentation
      Rwanda Challenge 2020 Check Presentation

      2020 Hope Project Summary


      Wow! We did it!

      We asked, and you answered. Our goal was to raise over $100,000 for the Hope Project in Rwanda. With your help, we raised above and beyond what we dared to hope for or dream–over $105,000!

      Do you know what this means?

      It means you are helping an unfathomable amount of Rwandans receive free discipleship materials that have been translated into their heart language. Ultimately, this will equip leaders to grow and also minister to the multitude.

      It means you are a part of changing a faith that has been said to be a “mile wide and an inch deep.”

      It means you are a part of changing what heaven will look like.

      In 2020 when our Missions Team traveled to Rwanda and gave out the first section of the seven-year curriculum, the women hugged the materials to their hearts and wept. (See recap video below.) These people hunger and thirst for God’s Word and His precepts. Through your generosity, we are feeding the souls of the people of Rwanda and beyond.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the first time we have attempted a project of this magnitude, and today we celebrate what the Lord has done!

      We could not have accomplished it without you! Thank you!

      Much Love,

      Carol Lund, BTG Director

      Rwanda Challenge 2020 Check Presentation