Sisterhood Leadership is for every woman–spanning generations, life stages, and leadership experience. We believe every woman is a leader within her home, family, friend circles, church, or workplace. We offer opportunities for coaching, training, idea-sharing, connecting, praying, and having fun together as we learn to lead with excellence.

We Offer:

  • 3 Sisterhood Leadership Training Opportunities Annually
    • February 9-10, 2018: Sisterhood Leadership Retreat (Learn more, and register.)
    • April 21, 2018: Equip Conference – Sisterhood Leadership Luncheon (See 2017 recap below!)
    • October 5-6, 2017: Thrive Sisterhood Leadership (These sessions are included with a Thrive Conference admission. Learn more, and register. See 2016 recap below.)
    • Ongoing community and resource connections through the BTG Sisterhood Leadership Facebook Group.

Join us for a short weekend getaway with Training, Coaching, Q&A, Connecting, Breakouts, Idea-Sharing, Giveaways, Prayer, Coffee, and Lots of Fun!

April 29, 2017 – Equip Conference Sisterhood Leadership Luncheon

What a beautiful time of networking with women, enjoying a luncheon together, and hearing from Karen Hagan. Her message entitled “How to Make More Room for God” challenged listeners to be mindful of the power of words and attitudes and to choose truth and over negativity.

  • Venue: Cedar Valley Church – Bloomington, MN
  • Featured Speaker: Karen Hagan. Karen and her husband, Scott, were the co-founding pastors of Real Life Church in Sacramento, CA. They recently relocated to Minnesota in order for Scott to assume his new position as the president of North Central University! Scott is also a pastor, leadership speaker, and author of multiple books, including “The Language of Influence.”
  • Topic: “How to Make More Room for God”

February 24-25, 2017 – Sisterhood Leadership Retreat

We were honored to host Dr. Jolene Erlacher and women from across the Midwest for a weekend of Training, Coaching, Q&A, Connecting, Breakouts, Sharing Ideas, Giveaways, Prayer, Lots of Fun, Coffee, and Red Licorice! Check back soon for the 2018 registration, and plan to join us next year!

Comments from 2017 SL Retreat

Thanks for all of your hard work in putting the retreat together! I walked away with some much needed insight and encouragement! The breakouts that I attended were incredible and filled with good information! You ladies are amazing! And AUDACIOUS!!!
Thanks for saying YES to God!

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I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciated your talk...I have had a really tough week with city related issues and with our store, so I have going back to the notes from your talk, using the scriptures for my devotions.

Email to a Breakout Speaker

Really really great, uplifting, heart changing, moving retreat! Every BTG event is always done with such hard work and dedication to Jesus and the people it is supposed to mentor to. Thanks to all who helped get this event together!

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I had a wonderful time at Audacious Leadership! So much of what Jolene talked about spoke right to me!
I am so excited to pursue Jesus more then ever before! Met two wonderful ladies this weekend and am praying God moves in their dreams of women's ministry!

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Such rich teaching and anointed preaching.

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Thank you all for a wonderful weekend last weekend! Your presentation, especially, touched my heart deeply!

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September 30, 2016 – Thrive Conference

  • Where: River’s Edge Convention Center – St. Cloud, MN
  • Speaker: Dr. Jolene Erlacher
  • Session 1 Topic: Leading with Purpose (in a World of Distraction!)
    • Description: Our world is becoming increasingly complex. As women and leaders, it is easy to find ourselves becoming reactive, responding to the latest relationship crisis, client complaint, family need, or staff dispute. While those things are important, we can find ourselves caught up in dizzying schedules and endless demands, drifting from a deep understanding of our true purpose. Purpose makes us proactive. It allows us to wade through the turmoil of distraction and choose to live and lead intentionally, with meaning and peace!

September 30, 2016 – Thrive Conference

  • Where: River’s Edge Convention Center – St. Cloud, MN
  • Speaker: Dr. Jolene Erlacher
  • Session 2 Topic: Navigating the 3 Cs: Competition, Comparison & Criticism
    • Description: Technology and social media have amplified the effects of office politics, gossip, and sizing up the lifestyles and choices of coworkers and friends. The overwhelming wealth of information at our fingertips, along with the plethora of options we enjoy, can lead to paralyzing indecision or nagging doubt regarding our choices. How do we navigate these dynamics and find deep contentment that empowers us to live and lead from a place of joy and strength?