What a privilege it is to be your girl. I sit on my porch swing listening to a cacophony of birdsong and wildlife praising their Creator. I watch the leaves on the trees and the grass in my yard dance in the flow of the wind. As I worship and fill myself with truth from your Word, peace descends into my heart, and I am filled to overflowing with gratitude and grace.And There is Peace

Do I deserve it? No.

Did I earn it? No.

Is everything in life going the way I’d like? No, not by a long shot.

And yet you meet me here, reassuring me that you are near, reminding me that everything is in your hand and under your control. As I rest quietly in this place, your presence surrounds and envelopes me once again. Tears roll down my cheeks as I sense the beautiful wonder you are working inside and all around me.

Turbulent days have overtaken our world. Trouble can be found on virtually every corner.

But in this place I am safe. In this place I am refreshed and built up. Saturated in your presence, I am invigorated to do all that you ask me to accomplish. And I am so overwhelmed in the absolute assurance that I am your girl and you won’t let me go. You won’t forget about me. You won’t leave me when I feel surrounded by the issues of the day. You go before me, walk beside me, and live within me, no matter where I traverse or abide.

I am safe, because you are my Papa and my God. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, in the name of Jesus (Isaiah 54:17). No one and no thing can snatch me from your hand (John 10:28). No one can steal my peace, unless I give it away myself (Philippians 4:7). And I cling to the promise that in your presence, I am made whole (in every way that eternally matters) once again (Psalm 103:3-5).

I belong to you. You belong to me. And there is peace.

Tabby Finton

Author Tabby Finton

Tabby is a life-long lover of God, and she is passionate about His purposes. She has served alongside her husband in pastoral ministry for twenty-five years. A credentialed minister, she loves to speak, write, and encourage. She is mom to three sons and wife to Steve, Lead Pastor at Abundant Life Church in Blaine.

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