The conversation in the living room turned toward our various

 “resolutions”  to devote more time to studying the Bible while the men shifted to

 Super Bowl jabber. (The kitchen was certainly experiencing more laughter than

 the living room). A young mother opened her heart, “I really struggle to find the

 time to read or sometimes, even to pray with four children all under the age of


      An experienced mom with kids in college responded  in a loving, but firm

 manner, “Oh, no dear– you must make your time with God your highest priority.

 If you are not on track with the Lord, every circumstance will derail you.” The

 other mothers had the look of “train wreck” suddenly written all over their faces

 (myself included). I attempted to bring some comfort so I  reminded the ladies of

 His wonderful grace, mercy, strength and provision. Another friend encouraged

 us to grasp the fact that God loves  us fully, unconditionally and without regard to

 our response or performance.

      “Miss Twiggy” piped up. “Actually, I have a great suggestion for studying

 the entire Bible in one year. Anyone with desire and a little time each day could

 do it.” A little time. Isn’t that what each mother would give her left thigh for? Isn’t

 that the real problem here? Isn’t’ this “Body by Jake” fanatic out of touch? I

 assumed she found some free time between the boutique, the club and the tanning

 bed. Lord, please send me a cup of kindness right away!

      My curiosity was peaked. “Please tell us how you accomplished such a

 wonderful goal. Maybe we can all benefit.

      She smiled broadly and sat up straighter (looking even thinner!), cranberry

 punch in hand. “Well, Harry and I decided to invest in the deluxe edition of the

 fully narrated New King James Version of the entire Old and New Testaments. It

 has complete sound effects and professional actors so the Word really comes to

 life!” How nice for her. The Word really comes to life for me on the days I still

 love Frank and the children by sundown.

 cont. part III