The hostess graciously asked “Ms. LaLanne” what time of day she

 suggested one listen to the tapes if one had the time to do so. Once again, she sat

 up straight,  “Our Father in Heaven wants us to make every moment count. Our

 minutes are like coins, spent once and gone forever.” I suddenly realized I had

 thrown away thousands of dollars through the years doing bathroom and kitchen

 floors. Probably thousands more in the laundry room. A burst of loud laughter

 erupted from the kitchen. “Jane Fonda” continued. “I pop the tapes into my

 Walkman and listen for an hour a day at the spa. Time on the treadmill and s-

 StairMaster flies  by more quickly; and I get blessed! On all levels!”

      Suddenly, a ringing emanating from the corner of the room, and we realized

 in an instant that it was the thin woman’s cellular phone. Harry had finished his

 late dinner meeting and needed to be picked up, and she had  the rental car. In a

 flurry, she giggled, waved good-bye, hugged her siste,r and was gone. Deep

 laughter errupted from our full figured frames directed at ourselves as much as at

 our thin friend. Her physical perfection had worn us out. The energy of her

 convictions had worn us down. And the kitchen grew very quiet as the men

 discussed hair loss.