No matter what I do or where I go, I cannot shake my heritage, nor do I want to. I will proudly state over and over again, I am an Italian from New York! Growing up on Long Island and being part of a big Italian family I used to think to myself, “how awful not to be born Italian!” The thing was, I really believed it! Part of the Italian heritage was being Catholic. My parents would bring me to mass every Sunday. I would take communion, say my Hail Mary’s and go to religion class every week. However, I couldn’t get over this one thing (even though so many others could pass the fact right by). I knew that when I stepped into church, there was something much bigger and better than myself inside. I had a sense of awe and wonder. I was not sure what it was, but I knew it was something. It had to be. Even though I did not know this God that I sensed personally, I took care to be reverent and fearful (in the only ways a child knows how I suppose). I would try and pray to this God when I needed something and I would always try to be kind and do the right thing. Little did I know I had such a long way to go on my quest for Truth.
Now it is so many years later in my life. I have grasped Truth, I have seen Truth. However, for me, and I am sure for a lot of others just like me, Truth is turning into a faint whisper. Where does one find truth? What is it? Does is constantly change? Or is it timeless and unwavering. Is there more than one truth? Which is the right truth if there is one? So many questions that even churches are having a hard time answering.

In the midst of what historians call, “Postmodernism,” there is no truth that exists. Truth is completely subjective and is different for each individual. No absolutes. No rules in which govern the world, space, and time. Then we have the whole issue and mess of the “celebrity preacher.”  While some may be free from scandal, there has been many a TV Preacher who has marred the Gospel in front of the world with their misuse and misunderstanding of what it means to be Kingdom of God. Whether it is prosperity that says, “God wants to see you rich!” or some Evangelical taking you to an emotional high that doesn’t deliver, it seems as if Truth has been trampled upon as if it were some commodity to be packaged, bought and sold.

Where is truth among $1,000 faith pledges and ranting pulpiteers? Where is truth among those who say there is no such thing? And where is truth among everything in between?  I write this unapologetically, not claiming to have the monopoly on perfection, holiness or sanctification, but rather as a young woman of God outraged at how her God has been portrayed. I write this as a young woman who knows the Truth and who has seen His face. I set out for Truth long ago and it has been quite the journey. I hope to give you a little piece of what I have found and invite you in on this journey of mine. My claim is not judgment, nor do I mean to slander. I am simply asking questions that I’m pretty sure others are asking as well. I invite you along with me on a journey I think you might be already on.