Have you gone green?  Do you recycle?  Cans?  Papers?  Plastic bottles?  I have become “greener” over the years and recycle regularly.  I am not obsessive about recycling.  In fact, I only recycle when it is handy.  Paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic bottles are picked up at my house.  My only job is to save those items and get them into the recycling bins. 

Recently I was at a large church and then at a large camp for some training.  At both places I was given bottled water and cans of soda to drink, but neither had recycling.  Although it pained me a little, I still threw away my cans and bottles into the trash.  I know someone who will take her cans and bottles home, as well as any others she can collect, so that they may be recycled.  She is passionate about recycling.  I care about recycling, as long as it’s convenient, but I’m not passionate.

When we think of following God, are we truly passionate?  Are we willing to go out of our way to serve Him or do we just do it when it’s convenient?  Are we willing to do whatever it takes to follow Him or just whatever is easiest? 

There may be times when serving God isn’t the easiest path.  Serving God is not always convenient.  There may be times when serving God may get a little messy (nothing like a little coke residue spilling on your shoe as you carry cans to the recycling bin). If we choose not to follow His plans, will it even bother us?  Can we be passionate about making daily choices to follow Him?

Recycling is good for our planet’s future as well as the good of our land today.  Following God is good for our eternal future as well as our life on earth today.