I don’t know how or when it happened, but wrinkles have started to set in on my aging body.  Was I in my 30’s when they first appeared?  40’s?  Or did they just show up after I hit 50?  I don’t recall, but I’m not terribly fond of them. I do think I was able to stay them off for awhile simply by being a little, shall we say, chunkier than is probably healthy.  Look around, big girls just don’t have as many wrinkles as their thinner counterparts. In fact, I think that fat is actually the active ingredient in Botox. Could you imagine the skinny girls saying “I’d like a shot of fat, please.”?

Last winter, when my skin started looking like an alligator, I discovered that olive oil is a great moisturizer.  Imagine my surprise when I read in the Psalm 104:15 (NLT) that God gave us olive oil to “soothe” our skin!  I don’t know what it looks like in the original Greek but I suspect the true translation is that God gave us olive oil to “soothe our anxiety about wrinkles.” 

As I was dousing myself in oil one day, I stood looking in the mirror and suddenly, from out of nowhere, came the question, “I wonder if Sarah had wrinkles?”  I mean seriously, she was 90 when she had Isaac!  What would that look like?  Wrinkles AND stretch marks?  That just wouldn’t be fair.  Perhaps there is something to this olive oil thing.