I love my cat, but she’s a little psycho. She will rub up against someone, but when he or she tries to pet her, my cat freaks out. Many cat lovers have come to my house, reached out to pet her, only to be attacked. My independent cat misses out on so many opportunities for attention because she refuses to let people near and only wants things on her own terms. She uses her claws and teeth as a shield to keep away the bad as well as the good.

Many people, like my cat, refuse to let others get close. Too often they hold their independence like a shield around them. They bare their “teeth and claws” to keep others at a distance and grasp for control in all situations.  If they would surrender and open themselves up, unknown blessings could come their way.

Are you one of those people, who like my cat, is missing out? Are you keeping others from getting too close? Maybe you don’t let God close.  Maybe you don’t let family close. Maybe you don’t welcome any others into your life.

Are you willing to open up and see what happens? Are you willing to let go?