I can’t remember how the rest of that phrase is supposed to go.

All work and no play keeps the doctor away?

Google says: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  Really?

I have pretty much decided that for me – the phrase should go:  All work and no play makes for a pretty crabby Kristie.

Jeff and I are just coming off of a season of crazy busyness.  We have been traveling and speaking a ton, as well as producing, decorating, leading worship, and any other number of tasks for various events and ministries.  We are thankful for the work and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

But now… I’m tired.  And truth be told… I’m a little cranky. 

And the ironic thing – is that my crankiness, tiredness, and generally funkilicious demeanor is mainly directed at one person alone.


I have been racking my brain today trying to figure out what my beef with the Big Guy is.  I’m extremely grateful for all He is doing in my life.  He is miraculously providing for me.  He is fulfilling promises that He planted in my heart years ago.  He has been nothing but loving and gracious and providential towards my family and me.  So what’s the hang up?

It finally occurred to me what my problem was.  All work and no play.  That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed the work that He has placed in my hands.  I feel an unbelievable partnership with Him when I’m using my gifts to share all the wonderful attributes of who He is with other people.

But I need a little play time too.  I need times where I just enjoy my relationship with my Heavenly Father without asking what’s next on the agenda or what He has for me to say to everyone else.  I need some time where I’m just enjoying Him.  Enjoying His presence.  Nurturing my personal relationship with Him.  Doing the things that make me feel connected to His heart for me.

It’s the same phenomenon I face when Jeff and I have been working together a lot or dealing full time with kid or house stuff.  I give him a look that says, “I’m super happy to be your business associate, co-parent, and partner in home ownership… but I need a little time just being “jeff’s girl.’”

SO – I carved out some time today to just be “God’s girl.”  For me, that meant sitting at the piano singing and worshipping.  It meant sitting outside and imagining that the beautiful pattern in the clouds was painted just for my eyes.  It meant setting aside the to do list and simply focusing on what He wanted to speak to MY heart today.

As women – we’re really good at “doing.”  But it’s so vitally important that we learn the “being” as well.  And especially when it comes to our relationship with God – there is a fine line between serving Him out of the overflow of what He’s doing in our hearts – and simply serving Him out of duty and obligation. 

If you neglect the “play” long enough – you will find yourself disconnected from His heart and feeling disenfranchised.  You can start to feel like He’s only interested in using you for what He needs done.  The relational part of my heart needs to feel loved just for who I am, not what I do.

And man, oh man, will the enemy play with your head on this one.  He’ll try and convince you that God is only interested in what you can do for Him.  And NOTHING could be further from the truth.  Although He loves it when you serve Him – He is first and foremost your Father.  He just loves you.  Crazy, madly, deeply loves you.

A girlfriend sent me a note a few weeks ago that just encouraged me so much.  Here’s what she said:

“Though the Father is using you, you are not like a dirty rag that is used time and time again until there is nothing left, but He is gentle with you and will give you rest.  He will never wear you out and then not replenish you.”

Some of you are feeling weary today.  You feel like God is just using you up and that you don’t have anything left to give.  That is PRECISELY the moment that you need to stop, seek His face, and let Him just love on you a little bit.

Think about the things that make you feel close and connected to Him.  Maybe it’s nature.  Maybe it’s a good run.  Maybe it’s reading or cooking or just simply sitting in the quiet.  Make those things a priority for you today.  I promise, He will be there waiting for you when you get there.

Psalm 27:8 – My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”  And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”