Sometimes you just feel a little….. blech.

Yes, that is my official terminology for those moments when you feel uninspired, tired, overwhelmed and bored at precisely the same time. 


We all have them.  Even you super happy perky girls out there… you know that you have those moments when you think you just might loose your mind if you have to pick up one more dirty sock.


There are times when we feel “in our groove” and that things are chugging along just swimmingly – and then we have those moments when even the things we usually enjoy seem to just be laborsome and taxing. 

What’s a girl to do? 

Well, unfortunately, many of us begin to isolate ourselves.  We feel gross and so the last thing we want to do is let anyone else see our “blech.”.  We don’t want to drag our sorry butts to church or small group or Bible Study.  Sometimes we don’t even want to read our Bible or pray.

But the truth is – nothing can help cure the “yuck” faster than a friend.  A good book.  A aptly timed message.  An email that encourages and inspires you.  Although it may be the LAST thing you want to do – it might just be the thing that snaps you out of your funk… and into a new season of inspiration and purpose.

I’ve just been SO very tired lately.  Can’t quite seem to get enough rest and rejuvenation.  I recognize that I am in a season of recovery after a long season of extreme busyness… but there are days when I just feel a little overwhelmed by my weariness.  Usually, I can find solace in the Bible, but in the last couple of weeks, even that has seemed to feel dry and empty.  I was getting a bit worried.

SO, a few days ago, I called in the reinforcements.  I pulled out an AMAZING devotional that had been given to me by a dear friend called “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.  Each day – I feel like God has literally whispered the words on the page into my ear.  I typically don’t use a daily devotional – I like to just read my Bible and write out what I think God is saying to me.  But for right now, I feel like God is just saying… “Just sit here and enjoy our time.  I’m gonna make it REALLY easy for you.”  It has been like a tall drink of cold water to my weary heart.

SO – don’t be afraid to get a little help.  Don’t just sit there.  Call a friend.  Listen to a podcast.  Go to the bookstore.   Seek out some help or counseling or even call your doctor if you feel like you really need some specific assistance.

Every once and a while… we all just need a little help.