My son turned 2 just a few months ago and I had my sweet baby girl this summer. It was a very exciting time. As I looked back over the past few years I remembered all the times I had the thought that “this is never going to get better”. All of the nights we were up 5 to 6 times with my son, all of the times I had to spend the whole day holding him, all of the times he would scream and scream with no solution in sight, seemed like they would never improve. After two years we still have some tough nights and screaming fits and full days of him being attached to my hip (now add the new baby in the mix), but it has certainly gotten easier. The thing is that while you are right in the middle of a certain season; especially a hard one, you feel like it’s never going to end. You feel as though you will never find a solution or relief.

 The truth is that this season too shall pass. Scripture tells us that there is a time for every season. In Ecclesiastes 3:1 it says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” The season you may find yourself in may have taken you by surprise but it didn’t take God by surprise and he has much purpose for you in that specific season. God has taught me many lessons and revealed alot to me about myself through my latest season of raising my toddler son and my baby girl. What I find is that so often we are constantly wishing away the season and ready to move forward rather than learning from and enjoying where we are at the time.

If you are single you probably know exactly what I am talking about. I can remember as a single feeling like my single season would never end. I just couldn’t wait to be married and I felt like my life wouldn’t be complete until I was finally out of my single season and into my married one. I can tell you that now I look back and realize what a sweet season of life my single season really was. I had plenty of free time to spend studying God’s word and serving in my church and community. If I didn’t feel like cleaning house or doing laundry I just…didn’t (or hired a housekeeper). I could be very spontaneous with traveling and meeting up with friends. My single season as it ends up was one of the sweetest seasons I have ever experienced with Jesus.

That doesn’t mean I am not enjoying my married season. I love my husband and my family. I have a blast with them and it too is a sweet season of it’s own. My point is that if we aren’t careful we will continue to rush our way through a season that God has amazing things stored up for us in. Potentially we could miss all that God wants to teach us and bless us with simply because we are in a hurry to move forward to the next season in life. If God has something for me I don’t want to miss out on it.

Even today this is a good reminder for me. I find myself frequently saying “I can’t wait until __________.” Now as I say that sentence I try to catch myself and instead say, “What I enjoy about now is __________.” It’s a good reminder of the things that God has for me in the here and now. I want to encourage you today, don’t wish away the season you are in. Ask God to show you and teach you all he has for you in that season. I can assure you that what you learn right now in the season you find yourself will equip you for the season that is coming. And to be sure there is always a new season coming. If you find yourself in a hard season just know that this too shall pass, so spend much time with Jesus learning what you can from him. If you find yourself in a sweet season also remember that this too shall pass, so spend much time with Jesus enjoying all he has for you. I promise that every season can have fruit if you just hand it over to God!