Reflect on this before Christmas comes and goes:

End of December: Every single one the presents have been opened, most of the food has been eaten, all the fun and people have come, but most importantly the annoying people are now gone.  It’s time to take down the lights and the tree along with putting all the other Christmas decorations back in the boxes.  The Holiday dishes can go back into storage for another year.  There always seems to be a feeling of let down after Christmas. 

The Christmas season focuses on giving.  God gave the perfect gift, His only Son Jesus to save the world.  It seems every Christmas I spend time stressing at the mall picking out the perfect gift for everyone on my list.    

Thought for the week:  I do not want to over spiritualize Christmas, but if I spent as much time praying for them as I do shopping for them, how would their life change.  I already have an awesome gift to give; I just have to find the ultimate way to give it. 

John 3:16