Looking for a fast, cheap, and easy craft? Look no further! Maybe you are like me and you’ve always wanted to try one of those cool vinyl record crafts on Pinterest, but you just assumed they are too complicated. Well do I have a surprise for you…they aren’t!

You don’t have to look hard to find a plethora of outdated vinyl records. Any thrift store, estate sale, and many garage sales have stacks of them for very little money. I purchased mine at Goodwill for $.50 each!

I have an unhealthy love of unique journals. The best and cheapest way to support my journal addiction is to craft them myself.

To make my record-covered journal, I started with a plain composition book. I decided to add some color by decorating the spine of the journal with a colorful patterned tape before adhering the record.

To cut the vinyl, I first traced the cover of the journal onto the record using a utility knife. I then used a sliding craft cutter to cut the pattern out of the vinyl. To smooth the edges, I heated the piece of vinyl on a cookie sheet in a 200-degree oven for five minutes. When I took it out I made sure it laid flat and that the edges were smooth.

When the vinyl cooled I simply glued it in place using thick craft glue.

With this newfound vinyl talent, I decided to try my hand at making a snack bowl. This craft uses a whole, uncut record and is the easiest project I think I’ve ever done!

As with the journal piece, I heated a whole record in a 200-degree oven. This time I kept the record in for eight minutes. I took a bowl out of my cupboard to use as a form. I turned the bowl upside down and simply laid the record over the top of the bowl, shaping the sides and holding them in place as the vinyl cooled.

The last project I did, a luggage tag, took my vinyl skills up a notch. For this one I again had to heat a record in the oven at 200 degrees for eight minutes. After removing it from the oven, I cut out a rectangle including the center hole. Because the vinyl cools quickly, I was only able to cut one side at a time. After each cut I returned it to the oven for a few minutes to soften it. Once formed, I simply added a piece of cord to attach to my luggage.

There are many more projects you can do with vinyl and once you see how easy it is too work with, I’m sure you’ll find yourself attempting many more!