While shopping with a client last week, she asked me for ideas of how to wear pearls in an “everyday” style.

Pearls are a trademark of certain women, such as Jackie Kennedy and Barbara Bush, who wore pearls in a classic style. Those trademark styles have influenced our thinking of how we can wear pearls. But I dare say they have stifled our creativity when it comes to wearing pearls.

Often we put our pearls in the jewelry box, only to bring them out for formal occasions, but let’s think outside the “jewelry” box.

  1.  Classic: Pearls at the collar bone.



“Pearls are always appropriate.”  –  Jackie Kennedy

  1.  Multiple Layers: 18-33 inches in length

image03 image10 image00

“Pearls are known as the world’s oldest gem, as they have been prized and collected for more than 4,000 years.” –  www.astringof pearls.com/PearlHistory.html

  1.  Dramatic Long Pearls: A simple long strand of pearls can be worn in multiple ways.

image08 image02 image09 image06

Pearls are a rich accent to a classic look, but honestly, they can go to the opposite side of the closet too.  Thinking of work and play, mix them with plaids, sweaters, lace, leather, and denim, adding an elevated, feminine look to your casual style.

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