We live in a culture obsessed with looking good and extending our longevity. We are a high stress, low-carb society. We are also looking to modern day gurus to help us maneuver through life, and especially through our “spiritual journey.” No popular psychology can ever replace our need for a Savior. Jesus is the only one who can truly deliver on His promises and completely satisfy the soul. What the world offers is beauty that fades and “chic spirituality” that will ultimately leave you hungry and yearning for genuine hope and healing.

    As I reflected upon the seven sweet sisters whom I had the privilege of interviewing for my book From Battle Scars to Beauty Marls (David C. Cook Publishing), I observed that there are distinctive threads, which are clearly and repeatedly woven through each of their tapestries. There is a “constant” in each of their journeys. What was it that caused these women not only to survive but to eventually thrive? It wasn’t a daily regimen of talk shows and self-help books. No, it wasn’t “7 Easy Steps” or “3 Golden Keys” or “5 Fabulous Secrets.” It was something far more eternal.

    Maybe like me, you need to be reminded that God’s ways are ancient, current, timeless, radical, and relevant. Maybe like me, you need to be reminded that He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Yes, dear friend, there is a God, and He has gladly provided instructions pertaining to everything that concerns you. Unfortunately, not too many people read the manufacturer’s manual, and the results are disastrous.

I’ve listened carefully and I’ve learned a great deal. Quite candidly, you’ll find no secrets here. These “disciplines” will create radical and lasting results for your good. I pray you will be blessed, encouraged, and motivated to pursue a course of action as you learn what they “did right.” Here’s what these wise women know for sure:

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