King David said, “I had intended to build a house as a place of rest for the ark of the covenant of the Lord, for the footstool of our God and I had plans to build it. BUT GOD said to me, ‘You are not to build it because you are a warrior and have shed blood.’ YET THE LORD chose me from my whole family to be king over Israel forever.”  I Chronicles 28: 2-4

As David’s life is coming to an end, he reflects on a goal he wanted to accomplish. It was a worthy goal; something for God, BUT GOD had other plans. David intended…He even had made plans…BUT GOD….

Many of us have uttered similar words – intended to marry, planned to have children, made preparations to complete school, build a house, be a missionary…. And then we have a “BUT GOD” moment. God stops us. We hit the wall. Our dreams are shattered. What do we do with the “BUT GOD” moments in our life? When God interrupts our plans, how do we respond?

David continued to trust. David continued to see the good in his life that came from following God. He turned his “BUT GOD” moments into “YET GOD” opportunities. He looked ahead with patience and saw that God still was there. God was still in control and He still was worthy of trust. David saw the big picture where God still had a plan and continued to work big in his life. There was still good. There was still hope. In fact it ended better than he could imagine – he became king!

Can we let our “BUT GOD” moments turn into “YET GOD” opportunities? Too often we make our plans and ask God to bless them rather than asking God His plan. We can have confidence in His plans. We need not be afraid of “BUT GOD” moments. Let Him turn them into “YET GOD” opportunities of life. Hang on for the ride. Enjoy the journey He is taking you on. Trust Him to lead. Trust Him with the journey of life. When God closes a door, remember He may just be opening a window. Hang on for your “YET GOD” opportunities! What exciting moments does He have in store for you?