My youngest daughter bought herself a stuffed animal today.  After being tucked in, she began to cry because she wanted to sleep with it and couldn’t find it.  I searched for it to no avail.  It frustrates me greatly that I can’t find this lost toy.

I have spent countless times on hands and knees looking under the couch for lost items.  It really troubles me when I can’t find a missing library book, jacket, or new toy (all items missing recently).  I keep searching random places and pondering over it until the lost item has been found and returned to its owner.

Does my desire to find lost items transfer to lost souls?  Do I have the same desire to seek out lost people?  Do I search and search until they are found and brought to Christ? 

I think of the parables Jesus shared about the lost son, lost sheep, and lost coin.  These parables make it clear that Jesus is passionate about the lost being found.  Can I be passionate about that as well?