I started today.  I love spring and summer, and am not so much a big winter fan!  This awesome weather has prompted my spring cleaning.  I broom dust the ceiling, then wipe down all the walls and floor boards. I move all the furniture; use all the attachments on the vacuum cleaner.  I make three piles of everything in the room, throw away, needs fixing and keep.  Then comes putting the room back together, throwing away all the garbage, finding a spot for all the keepers, and making a list of all the fixes. 

As I was cleaning, I thought, I wonder if anyone will notice.  Why do I do this?  Does it really matter how clean my house is?  I am not moving any time soon, should I really throw all this stuff away.  I moved three times in the first four years of my marriage.  I got great at throwing.  Most of the time, I am a big surface cleaner.  I can whip my house into shape in no time flat, but to deep clean it, I have found takes a great deal of time and no one really notices except for me.

Thought for the week:

God spoke to me today about cleaning.  Are the people in your life just surface friends, do they know the cleaning needing to be done in your heart?  Unless you are real with people and you let them into your life, they just see the surface. To go deeper, you need to make yourself vulnerable.  You tell them about the dusty floor boards, and show them the stains under the strategically placed rug.  We were put on this earth to do life with one another, but if we are not doing life together, are we living where God wants us. Jesus came as a human to do life with us.  Who are we doing life with? 


Proverbs 27:17