Life is busy.  God does not desire us to be burnt out because we are losing our balance.  Finding balance in work, life and ministry is important.

For new moms:

Becoming a mom for the first time creates many new pressures. When my daughters were infants, I found it hard to be involved in ministry at church because I would often have to nurse them in the middle of services.  On occasion, I wouldn’t be the only mom in the nursing room.  In those moments I wouldn’t necessarily discuss spiritual matters with the other moms.  We would talk about whatever was on our minds: baby’s newest accomplishments, the latest diaper explosion, or our labor/delivery experiences.  It might not have been spiritual, but it was meeting our need for adult conversation.  Having a newborn can make you feel isolated.  Having the opportunity to talk with others can be a blessing and minister to you as well as the others.

As you adjust to new beginnings:

  • Be willing to forgive yourself.  You can’t do it all, and you will have plenty of moments of screwing it up!
  • Be creative in finding time for things like reading your Bible or checking e-mails.  When I was at work pumping, I would check my e-mail.  (It takes a little practice, but if you have an electric pump, you can hold it with one hand and type with the other.)  While I breastfeed in the morning, I would read my Bible.  I have friends who found the only time to read their Bibles was in the bathroom. 
  • Take time for yourself.  The laundry, dishes, and errands can wait while you take a nap, go for a walk, or read a book.