Well your first question to Kristi might be “Who is Kristi and why would I come back to this site every month to see what she has to say?

“Kristi” is Kristi Andersen and I am a Certified Financial Planner, investment adviser representative and licensed insurance agent.  That didn’t get you very far did it?  What does that mean?

My passion and profession is to help women and their families be good stewards, and educate them on Biblical financial advice. So in a nutshell, I help women follow God’s plan for their money.  This in turn creates more money for the Kingdom.   

Some of you might already be clicking on to something else because you don’t have any money.  Maybe you are a stay at home mom and you don’t bring home any money, or you are so in debt and wonder what could God have to say about that, except maybe judgment?  Well stay tuned!

Every month I will talk about one aspect of financial stewardship, real life examples and a challenge question back to you to get you thinking about your own stewardship.  For additional help, I will also present resources that will be available on this website.  Finally, I would welcome any personal questions you have, just email me at Kris@KristiLAndersen.com.

The first question is “Does God really care about my money?”  Some of you may have heard this before, but there are more verses in the Bible about money than any other topic, more than love, more than prayer, and more than forgiveness.  I am guessing that He knew that money would be an issue for us here on earth.  Money is behind most every decision we make.  Yes, think about your day so far.  What did you do that didn’t require money?  You ate; you turned on your computer, logged into the internet, and got dressed.  Every one of those things required a money decision at some point.  What kind of food can I buy, or would like to buy?  What computer do I own?  Where did I get my internet service?  You get it, you need money to function on this planet and yet money will not take care of us!

Money affects our relationships with friends, family, and co-workers.  It affects our self esteem and contentment.  Maybe some of you argue with your husband about money, or fight with your parents.  Or you have a friend that wants to borrow money from you.  Or maybe you are oblivious about money, you just spend it and someone else is paying the bills.  Regardless of your situation, God calls each of us to be good stewards with the resources He has given us.  Think about your own situation.  “Do you think you are being a good steward with everything God has given you?”   Ponder that over the next month.

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