Introducing These Foods

If you should decide today to completely eliminate your standard veggie choices and introduce nothing but dark leafy green vegetables, your family is probably going to revolt.  The best way to make healthy changes is gradually.

Begin by going to your local natural or whole foods store and see what dark leafy green vegetables are available in your community.  Pick two of the items from the list that your family doesn’t usually eat and prepare them with dinner a few nights this week.  If your family is one that consumes little or no leafy green vegetables in a day then you’re already on the path to healthier eating.

Continue to introduce darker green vegetables into your family’s diet on a weekly basis, saving carrots, corn on the cob and the other less nutritious vegetables as a rare treat.  Then set a goal that within 60 days you and your family will be eating at least a cup (two servings) of dark green vegetables every day.

Dear Parent,

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