Devotional Story:

The breaks went out on the truck, the hot water heater is flooding our basement, a friend of mine just lost her job, another one is having marriage problems, and yet another friend is sick and has been for a very long time.  At times life can seem devastating.  The bad things just keep coming. 

I got a new job, my husband wants to take me on a special date, a friend just found out she is having a baby after years of trying, our son living in Portland just accepted a new job for a huge increase in pay and wants to celebrate when he comes home this spring, and another friend was healed of cancer!  She is so excite she cannot stop talking about it.  Then there are times life can seem awesome.  The good news just keeps coming.

Something my pastor said on Sunday made me stop and think this week; what are the cares of life?  I have always thought the cares of life were bad things.  When I stopped to contemplate the cares of life I found a high number of exciting situations that can keep me from God.

Thought for the week:

If God is not a priority, the good along with the bad can choke God out of your life.  Although I love my husband dearly, I cannot put him in first place in my life.  My kids cannot take this place and neither can my best friend.  In order for me to have the best soil in my heart for God to grow, I need to put God in first place.  This is not a onetime event.  The soil of my heart needs to be tended to daily.

Matthew 13:18-23