Whether you work full-time or stay at home with your kids, the winter blues can take their toll.  Below is a list of 10 easy attitude changers for one of those days.

1.  Turn on the tunes – Although I majored in music, I always underestimate the powerful way music can affect my mood.  When I remember to turn on the tunes, I’m astounded at the way it boosts my spirit.
2.  Smile for 30 seconds – Studies have shown that intentional facial expressions can actually affect your emotions. Looking happy, just might help you feel it.
3.  Call a friend – Even a brief conversation to someone who will listen and understand can perk you up.
4.  Crack a window or stand outside for a minute – Even in the dead of winter a little fresh air can invigorate you.
5.  Watch something funny or inspirational – Whether it’s a Youtube clip or an episode of The Office, a little laughter can go a long way.
6.  Do something silly – When I worked full time I used to make funny faces or dance in my office when I knew no one was around.  Thinking that no one would suspect how truly goofy I am would amuse me.
7.  Hug/Kiss/Tackle/Tickle your kids or boss if you are working… O.k. so this one might not work at the office, but just thinking about tackling your boss might be enough to get you to crack a smile.
8.  Exercise – It really does release those feel good endorphins.
9.  Count your blessings – thinking about all the things you have to be thankful for can change your negative attitude into one of gratitude.  If you are willing to do a bit of prep work, make a list ahead of time and keep it handy for when the doldrums strike.
10.  Prayer – Slowing down and taking my problems, thoughts, attitudes to God always gives me a more positive outlook.

Sometimes the barrier to a better attitude is not knowing what to do to feel better, it’s taking the initiative to do it.  But remember this, motivation is not a prerequisite to action, it is a result of it!