I was working in the kitchen this morning when I heard the creak of my 3 year-old’s bedroom door.  His sluggish methodical footsteps followed, getting louder as he made his way down the hall.  I greeted him with open arms and a big smile, as I do when I awake before him.  When he wakes before me, my greeting is much less enthusiastic.  However, if I am fully awake, I can’t help but be endeared to his wild bedhead as he rubs his drowsy eyes, and asks for a drink in his husky morning voice.  It’s in these precious moments that he still wants to be held, resting his groggy head on my shoulder. 

This morning, when I opened my arms wide to whisk him up onto my lap, he gave me a blank stare.  “Can I have my good morning hug?” I prompted.  With the same unemotional look, he said one word, “Tomorrow.”

The parallels between the parent-child relationship and our relationship with God as our Father often strike me as I interact with my children.  This was a moment that in a single word spoke volumes.

To think that my son would think a hug tomorrow would suffice for our cuddle time today just about put me into hysterics.  Trying not to burst out laughing, I grabbed him, tickled him and let him know that I want to hug him now, and at lunch, and as we play in the afternoon, and before we eat dinner, and especially when I tuck him into bed at night… and I want to do it all over again tomorrow and the next day and every day after that… forever!

When we say, “tomorrow” to God, does He find it just as absurd saying, “Oh little children, you don’t understand.  I want to be with you in every part of your day and especially close when you set time aside to spend with me?”  Does he hurt when we continue to say it day after day… after day?  I laughed when my son said it once.  If he continued to say it for weeks on end, I would desperately miss our times together. 

Our God is a relational God, creating cuddling for mother and child to enjoy.  If the enjoyment we get from closeness in our earthly relationships is fulfilling, how much more when we find intimacy with Almighty God.  Next time you are tempted to put off your time with Him until tomorrow, may you sense his desire to hold you now, and at lunch, and as you go about your afternoon, and before you eat dinner and especially when you crawl into bed at night, tomorrow and the next day and every day after that… forever!