When I was a kid, there was a drawer just to the right of our refrigerator that we referred to as the “junk drawer.” It was approximately 10 inches wide and 14 inches deep. I’m not sure why we called it a junk drawer because really, there wasn’t much junk in it. It was simply the place we put things that didn’t have another home. Things like matches, a screwdriver or two, and . . . um . . . to be honest, I don’t remember much else being in there. My mother wasn’t a “saver.” I, however, am not my mother. My junk drawer is also to the right of my refrigerator but that’s where the similarities end. No wait . . . I do keep matches and screwdrivers in there, but my drawer is super-sized; nearly two-feet wide and 20 inches deep, proving that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

Last week, due to a recent spousal invasion of said drawer rendering it difficult to close, I determined to “un-junk” my junk drawer. I thought I’d share with you just a few of the items found inside.

To start, there were a plethora of dead batteries. I’m talking nearly 50 or more batteries in various sizes. In years past, our local grocery store would collect them for disposal. When they changed owners that all ended and I was left wondering what to do with my useless, earth-damaging, batteries. Since I had no answer to my dilemma, I just tossed them into my drawer (all on the left side – I’m not unorganized with my junk.)

Additionally, this drawer also held lip balm, old candy canes, markers, crayons (my youngest child is 23), flower seed packets, four flashlights, a whistle key chain (which I guess I’m supposed to be carrying for protection), a pair of glasses, a peg game (missing three pegs), five screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, foreign and domestic coins, three purse-sized tape measures, a small hammer, and toothpicks which had clearly bred and multiplied like rabbits.

I also found three tongue depressors which seemingly came from a doctor’s office. I’m certain I didn’t steal them but I’ve not a clue as to their reason for being in my drawer.

Uncovering a Green Bay Packers pencil made me laugh. Did I buy a pack of sports team pencils at some point only to have my boys refuse to use the Packers pencil because of their allegiance to the Minnesota Vikings?

Probably the strangest thing I found was bits of dog treats. This isn’t so odd, really. It is, after all, the drawer in which we kept said goodies for our golden retriever, Spunky. What makes it disconcerting is that Spunky died over ten years ago! (As you can see, I’ve mastered the art of postponing cleaning projects.)

Sadly, this list of junk drawer “finds” is not exhaustive. There was much, much more! Let’s just say that if our garbage can has a weight limit we could be in big trouble.

My favorite discovery has to be the “winning lid.” I believe it’s from the top of a can of frozen orange juice and apparently I’ve won an Olympic Pin. I’m pretty bummed because there is no indication of how to redeem my lid for what I’m sure is a pretty cool pin. If you know, please inform me because I WANT MY PRIZE!

What about you? What’s in your junk drawer? I’m hoping someone can “top” my list. Then, I can eliminate this overwhelming urge I have to call “Organized Audrey.”