We have had a major breakthrough at the Kerr house. It has revolutionized our family dynamic, comforted my anxious heart, and brought joy and happiness to our whole clan. What is this monumental milestone? Charlie learned to ride his bike.

Yup. That’s it. My 8-year-old boy has finally crossed over into the ranks of the fearless and reckless boy-bike-riders. Now this might not seem like a big deal to you. But like I said before, it’s a HUGE deal to us.

First of all, it has been something my husband has tirelessly worked towards for 3 summers in a row. Charlie has been terrified of his bike. (After a major wipeout… and a general lack of motivation for “thrill seeking activities.”) And he has struggled with some large motor coordination – so it was actually a difficult thing physically for him to do. So – Dad gets the prize for tenacity and patience.

Secondly, it has encouraged me in my general “mom/worry” emotional state. I have to admit that I have some latent fears when it comes to my son. I guess when the kid arrives on the planet 12 weeks early, and the doctors give you a laundry list of things he “might not be able to do…” you always have in the back of your mind an anxiety that he will face extraordinary obstacles. Seeing my kid riding down the street yelling, “woo-hoo” all crazy and fast still chokes this poor mom up. Call me crazy… but it just gets to me. It’s just another confirmation of God’s faithfulness that He not only healed my son when he was a baby, but that He continues to heal my son as he grows and faces new obstacles and challenges.

I share this with you, my sweet friends, because I know that many of you have your own list of fears, worries, and seemingly endless milestones that you are walking through with your kids. Maybe its a behavior that you are battling every day – trying to consistently address and discipline. Maybe it’s a difficulty at school – and you are seeking God for the wisdom to know how to help your child overcome a disability or conflict. Maybe its potty training!!! Don’t even get me started on that!

I mean, we all know that most kids aren’t going to go to kindergarten in a diaper – they’ll eventually get it, right! But that doesn’t mean that the months that go by where you endlessly saying, “Do you have to go potty?” Do you have to go potty?” “Lets go to the potty…” any less difficult.

It’s these small things that most people would say are an incidental part of life – but they are the moments that make up our days. And the monotony of facing these issues day after day can become very tiring. You can start to get frustrated, start worrying and sometimes even loose hope.

So – I share my story with you to say, “Don’t be discouraged, Mom!” Keep plugging away. Know that God is there to breathe wisdom and grace into your heart and mind so that you can be the best mother possible. Throw your frustrations at His feet and trust that He’s got your little ones in the palm of His great big loving hand.

Sometimes, it’s just the little victories that give us hope to keep going.