Last year my parents helped me create this amazing garden.  We simply dug up grass and planted flowers.  This was how simple it started.  However, every Saturday I noticed tons of weeds and grass in my garden.  I would pull these every week.  I soon noticed the underground root system was intense.   

Once a month I would meticulously go through the entire garden on my hands and knees.  I literally tilled up the dirt with my fingers taking out the weeds by their roots while leaving the flowers securely planted.  This process usually took up an entire Saturday leaving me aching all over for days.   

One Saturday God drops by, Susan you are a lot like this garden.  Really God what do you mean?  On the surface, everything looks beautiful and nice, you keep the weeds and grass pulled, however the root system underground is pretty intense.  Will you let me deal with these roots?  Nope!  I do not want the pain this will cause me.  Yes there will be pain, but the person you will become on the other side of this pain will be worth it.   

Thought for the Week:  God has so much more for us than we can even imagine.  If we do not let him be the Master Gardener, what are we missing?  Do you want to be even more fruitful?  Are there things under the surface of your life only you and God know about?   

This story with my garden took place last summer.  Yet by eliminating the root system of the weeds last year, this summer I am able to enjoy a beautiful garden with only an occasional weed pulling session.

At the same time I gave God permission to go deep under my surface.  Honestly it hurt.  There were numerous teary nights.  However, after almost a year I can say it was worth the price.  The root system is now eliminated.  There are occasional weeds, but I am very careful to not let the roots continue to stay. 

John 15:1-8