The shame and guilt often associated with abortion tends to run very deep.  For many, including those who know God personally, the heart “feels” unworthy of the forgiveness their head “knows” is available.  No matter what the issue, this can leave a person stuck for a very long time.

Conquerors is a support group that offers a 12 week program designed to deal with the pain and difficulties common to those who have had abortions.  It is a safe place to work through your abortion experience and help you find healing.  The program is led by women who have had abortions and can relate to your experience. 

This poem was written by a woman who went through Conquerors, and reflects the journey as well as the healing she experienced.

The burden is all mine I said

So for twenty years I didn’t rest my head

I walked in bondage with my fear

Your still small voice – I wouldn’t hear.

That truth – some know – that sets them free?

Could never happen – not to me.

This sin of mine runs way too deep

The burden is all mine to keep.

I want to believe what your word said

But I am wounded – and my baby is dead.

And what’s worse is that in its life season

My baby is dead and I’m the reason

Who am I to ask for love

From a holy God who reigns above? 

You are my child – I heard him say

And I won’t let you live this way

Lift your head and look at me

I died for you – to set you free

And this burden that you drag around

is over – not another sound!      

If you are hurting from a past abortion, help is available!  Contact Conquerors at 612-746-5663 or  All inquiries are confidential.