I’ve got what I think is a great idea for a new invention.  Since I have more ideas than I do the creativity and smarts to bring them to life, I’m going to share my thought with you, the general public, in hopes that someone will pick it up and run with it.  Basically, I’m giving you the opportunity to make millions of dollars with my idea. You’re welcome.

Recently, at our house, we installed a new thermostat.  Well, by “we” I mean “we paid” and a qualified heating and air-conditioning person did the work.  The new thermostat is one that can be programmed thereby eliminating the need for me to drag myself out of bed to turn the temperature down immediately after I have settled in for the night.  I thought it would be the answer to my “I’m too hot/I’m too cold” issues, but as it turns out, not so much.

While I do enjoy not having to get up out of bed, I’ve come to the conclusion that a programmable thermostat is not exactly what I wanted.  What I want is a thermostat that reads my body temperature and sets the thermostat accordingly.  I mean, if they can send a man to the moon  . . . . a body temperature regulated thermostat should be possible, right?   I’d be more than happy to wear a bracelet, patch, or even get a chip embedded to enable the thermostat to work properly.  Well, maybe not the chip; that seems kind of extreme, but you get the idea.

So, there you go inventors.  If you take my idea and make it happen you will be a hero to middle-aged women everywhere.  And really, what more could you possibly ask for?