So . . . I’m wondering, “What do you think you can do to solve your problem?”  There are multiple pathways that can lead to a viable solution.  Here’s one possible solution:  Solve a bigger problem.

What if solving your problem entails contributing to solving a bigger problem than your own?    

There are problems out there like world hunger; human slavery, ending poverty on the planet, illiteracy, etc.  

And . . . when you set out to solve a bigger problem, I believe you discover that in comparison your issue might start to seem, like, “It’s no problem.  Or in reality, it’s not as big as you first thought.”   Perhaps, you might find some relief from your own problems by focusing on someone else’s?  Just maybe?

Can you imagine if you couldn’t see across the room or read this blog post?  Oh I know, you’d be sad if you couldn’t read my posts, right? 

But what if you couldn’t see and you knew there was a way this problem could easily be corrected?  You knew there were these things called glasses.  But you couldn’t figure out how you could get them.  Hard to imagine, I know.  But there are places and people who are experiencing this reality.  

And just ponder this, “Without your sight, it might be more difficult to get a job or take care of your family. There would just be a host of things you could not do.”

Do you wear glasses?  Is a purchase necessary for you in your future?  If you do wear glasses there’s a way that you might be able to contribute toward solving a bigger problem than your own.

Are you lucky enough to have 20/20 or better vision?  Maybe you need a pair of sunglasses?  I always wear them to protect my eyes.  And I don’t like the sun’s ability to increase those fine lines around my eyes.  It’s an on-going little problem I’d like to avoid.   

When I was in Atlanta last month I met some amazingly creative social entrepreneurs who own Eyes of Faith Optical.  They have a program called, “Wear & Share.”  I believe they help solve a bigger problem.  With every purchase of frames it is a life-changing experience for someone else because they donate a complete pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses to someone in need around the world.

I purchased one pair of sunglasses and one additional frame.

Would you like to “Wear & Share?”   I have connections and I can help to purchase some of these stylish frames and you can become a philanthropist.  A philanthropist is someone who gives in an effort to solve problems. Eyes of Faith has a wide variety of stylish frames.  Let me know, “Which pair do you like?” There are more frames on their web site.  

Personally, I really like their sunglasses but couldn’t help but get some stylish frames for prescription glasses too. My local optometrist put the lenses in.

I’m helping to offer hope and clear vision to those most in need around the world.  I’m imagining the people who received the complete pair of prescription glasses.  First I imagine their faces when they can see clearly and they look around at the beauty that surrounds them.  And then I imagine the potential that clear vision has to change everything from that point forward.  The possibilities are endless. 

Solve a bigger problem is just one of a multiple solutions you could choose in response to your problem.  Life coaches work one-on-one or in groups to help people solve their biggest problem or achieve a new goal.  Of course, we ask the Holy Spirit to enter in.  Prayer is also a part of the process.   If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at info[@]blvcoach[dot]com or 712 732-7052.   The first session is complimentary.