My husband had a loaf of frozen bread dough on the counter one afternoon thawing and he loves to make carmel rolls with them.  However we have had 3 batches of carmel rolls the past week and so I decided to try something fun with items I had in the fridge to make a quick and easy meal…

1 frozen bread dough loaf thawed and rolled out flat

chp’d onion and green peppers sprinkled on on top

sprinkled garlic powder and little pepper

mini pepperoni bites (can use sausage, chicken, ect)

generous amount of shr’d cheddar and mozerella cheese 

fold each side up to center and seal good…generously apply butter to top

and sprinkle with salt ( I used ground sea salt) and bake according to 

bread package…

Ashamed to admit the two of use ate the whole thing right from the oven