In general, I think I’ve done pretty well moving into the age of technology.  Oh sure, there were a few tears when my now 28-year-old son was in 7th grade and I realized he knew more than I did, but I’ve learned . . .  I’ve adapted.  And when I can’t figure something out, I call one of my sons for help (although personally, I don’t find them nearly as patient with me as the Apple support team.)

I love computers and the power they give you – particularly in the area of photo editing.  When there is a zit on my face in a picture I simply need to either clone another area of clear skin and “cover the zit” with “new skin” or I can simply click “repair” and the computer does it for me.  My daughter-in-law is of the impression that this is similar to lying.  My opinion is that no one has a zit forever so why not help them look the best they can?  Age spots, I suppose, are another thing all together.

One day as I was examining a spot on my face I realized that I was scanning my face to see which portion of my skin I could move over to cover the unsightly blemish.  It only took me a few seconds to realize that this was not humanly possible and that this plan of mine had a bigger flaw than the one I saw on my face.  Where is a good “face-editing” program when you need one?

I felt somewhat redeemed in my thinking though when my girlfriend, who’s at least 10 years younger than me, told me that as she was reading a magazine one day she made several attempts to increase the font size by squeezing her fingers together and flinging them apart as she does on her iPhone.  Her son finally looked at her and said, “Mom, it’s paper.  Nothing is going to happen!”