Have you ever marked a milestone? Maybe you can say that it’s been six months since you started a project, and six months for that project is a very big deal. Or maybe a special birthday memory still makes you feel special after several years. Or a prom. Or graduation day. Or something else.

I was contemplating my youngest son turning double-digits when I realized that some milestones have been just that – a marker in time: a blip on the screen of my memory. Others have been more of a change-point. Graduation day from High School is one of those moments in time that I realize was a change-point for me. There are a few still shots in my head of that day, and how I knew that I grew more confident and sure that I had purpose to fulfill in life. There are many special moments to recall.

I remember a night when I was sixteen. I was at a huge gathering for teenagers, and the speaker was talking about “going for the gold” in our lives, inspired by the recently passed Summer Olympics. I felt challenged to take a stand that night, to take another step in my journey of faith, and declare to whomever might be watching that I was going to become the woman God had created me to become – no matter what. I understood deep within that I was being called into a life of ministry that night, and it became a change-point for me. I don’t remember what I wore that day. I can’t tell you what food I ate. I don’t even know who I was sitting by at the service. But forever marked in time is a snapshot of myself responding to the call, the burning in my chest that I could not deny, and stepping forward to acknowledge my commitment and public declaration that I would follow Jesus in my life purpose, wherever that might lead. I had been a believer prior to that night, but I became a believer full of purpose and unbridled passion afterward.

It was a change-point, a water-shed moment, when time seemed to stand still, and I knew I would never be the same. It was a day that changed me, and altered the very course of my life.

Can you remember some milestones in your life? What about a change-point or two? I believe that every person has a purpose to live out, a reason he or she was created: a destiny.

Psalm 139 says that I was knit together in my mother’s womb and that every day of my life was written in God’s journal before one of them came to be. God dreamed about my purpose, and He created me for special things. He dreamed about you too, and created you for a special purpose. But we get to choose if we will discover those dreams and take the steps to watch them unfold in front of us. Will I choose His dream or my dream? Will I walk His path or one of my own choosing? The choice is up to me. The choice is up to you.