As Andrew and I were driving home one evening, just the two of us, we had time to talk about everything under the sun. At one point in our conversation he asked me if I ever had someone ask me how we make life work with two boys under age two, working in two separate ministry fields, and making a home for our family. We started talking about it as we both have had people say things along those lines and it truly makes us laugh. How do we do it? Good question… I’m not sure even we know the answer, but here are a few things we came up with that seem to work for us.

1.  We prioritize showers based on who has showered last, this especially comes into play on the mornings where we both are getting ready for work while getting the boys ready for a day with the sitter. For example, on Friday Andrew got dibs on first shower (which ended up being the only shower) because he hadn’t showered since Tuesday… I had showered on Wednesday.

2.  We play nose goes and not it when it comes to poopy diapers. Generally whoever smells it first wins. And to be fair, if I lose at that game, I usually play a second game that could most likely be referred to as the guilt trip game that goes a little something like this… “You’re not home with them all day; I change way more diapers than you do. So since you’re home you should change this one.”

3.  We make family dinners a priority. There are a few reasons this works so well for us: it gets both the boys in high chairs, and therefore immobile, at the same time and keeps the inevitable mess that comes with meals down to a one time shot each meal. Family dinners are best because, even if just for a few minutes, our day slows, our focus is set, and we get to spend uninterrupted time with our boys.  The boys really like family dinners because they get fed well, however Andrew and I are generally finishing our dinner up over the course of the evening after the boys’ bed time. 

4.  Speaking of bedtime, we try to stick to a schedule as much as possible. Cole’s bedtime is 7, Liam’s is 7:30, and Andrew and I have a strict 10 p.m. bedtime.

5.  When all else fails, we love “Super Why,” “Word World,” and “Mickey” Oh, and we love us some “Baby Einstein.”

Being parents has rocked our world more than we could have ever imagined. The beautiful thing is, we wouldn’t change it for anything. Liam and Cole have brought us endless entertainment, laughs, tears, and joy. We make it work by being a family grounded in love. We have up days and down days, but at the end of every day, I thank God for the life that I am living. He is so faithful, and we are so blessed. Being a family of four is the most incredible journey, and I’m loving every minute of it.