“Let my life be the proof, the proof of Your love. Let my love look like You and what You’re made of; how You lived, how You died. Love is sacrifice. So let my life be the proof of Your love” (For King and Country).

Has a song ever impacted you greatly? I heard this song on the way to the grocery store a few weeks ago. I thought about the line, “Let my life be the proof…” over and over, walking around the store that day. What DO people see when they notice me? Am I reflecting the things I want to be reflecting to the world? Are there pieces of my life, that draw people to Jesus, who lives in me? Or worse yet, are there parts, or even whole chunks, that turn them away from Him?

We live in a world of searching people. They search for everything from truth, enlightenment, meaning, fun, release, new experiences, meaning for life, hope, and especially someone to believe in them. We all want to be loved and cared about at our most basic levels. People do all sorts of crazy things these days to fit in and feel like they belong somewhere. Am I doing enough to love people to Jesus? Are you? I’ve always been fascinated by St. Francis of Assisi’s words, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words.” That is a challenge I want to shoulder and make my own. May my actions and reactions speak of God’s love much louder than any words I could ever say.

Criticism of others won’t draw people to Jesus. Political views, no matter how right they may seem, won’t draw people to Jesus. Speaking out everything I think won’t draw people to Jesus. But love… genuine care and love will draw them.

Jesus, please change me from the inside out, so I can reflect You to others more clearly. You hold the hope of the world, and I long to reflect that hope to people that wander around from day to day searching desperately for hope. And love. And truth.

Let my life be the proof of Your love. Please, Jesus.