Indoor “Snowball” Fight with Marshmallows

What you need:

-large room with little to no breakable items

-several bags (I suggest at least one per child) of large marshmallows (not miniatures, and make sure the marshmallows are not already sticking together or you’ll have a mess)

Rules or suggestions:

Set a time limit.  Be careful where you step (I suggest no shoes). Once the time limit is done make sure everyone participates in cleaning up all the marshmallows.  Make sure to look under all furniture and in little hiding places. You can determine if eating is allowed (we go by the 5 second rule at our house).  If you don’t want to eat the used marshmallows, set some clean marshmallows aside for a treat when it’s over.

For little toddlers marshmallows can be a choking risk, so monitor any sneaking.

Credit for this activity goes to my school’s principal and 2nd grade teacher who would reward her class with a Marshmallow Fight.