This month we in America will celebrate a wonderful holiday. The rich scent of turkey and stuffing in the oven, pies on the cooling rack, and a spice candle burning on the stove will usher in our sweet time of Thanksgiving. As we set our best table, play our best music, and put on our best spread; the sights, sounds, and scents of the season will fill up our homes.

Thanksgiving is a great time for families and friends to gather and enjoy one each others company. Even more so, Thanksgiving is a profound time to pause and give thanks for the ways God has been faithful to us as a nation, and more specifically to us as His people.

I am counting the days until my boys come home and we’re all together again. I am excited to hear their latest tales of adventure and as much as I hate to admit it, I am even looking forward to seeing them wrestle around on the floor and turn the house upside down.

My mouth waters as I think of my sister’s sweet potatoes or my Mom’s stuffing. My brother-in-law makes the juiciest turkey known to man. I will be bringing some delectable desserts this year.

And yet, while it is true that I look forward to our Thanksgiving meal with great anticipation, deeper still is the divine hunger God has stirred within me this past year. More than anything, I hunger for more of Him.

He rewards those who earnestly seek after Him. He loves it when we do. When we draw near to Him, He moves towards us, breathes fresh life into us, and satisfies the hunger in our soul.

Jesus is generous, kind, and intimately engaged with us on this journey. We have much for which to be thankful! I love how He drops surprises in our path when we least expect them. I love how He loves the least-of-these and asks us to as well. I love how He whispers when the rest of the world screams. I love how He quickens the heart when a song resounds, or a bird sings, or a child laughs.

There’s something about this Divine walk that stirs up the hunger.

When we know there’s more, we want more of it.

We are drawn to those who love us. We’d race to Him every single day if we comprehended even a portion of His love.

He cherishes our dreams and refuses to quench the smallest hopes. He remembers our prayers long after we forget them and He is constantly moving on our behalf. Every thought He has towards us is born out of deep love and affection.

He’s been there for me and He has been there for you. Don’t you love Him so?

I know Him more now than I did last year. Much more, in fact.

And it’s not enough for me.

My prayers of late have been, “I want more, Lord. And once You’ve given me more, increase my capacity for You, and then give me more again. I want to be so full of Your compassion and Your love, that when others encounter me… they encounter You.”

Hunger is a good thing when it makes you turn to Him.

May this blessed Holiday Season stir up a renewed hunger and affection for the One who deeply loves you!