I love me some coffee. LOVE.

However, in the hot days of summer, sipping from a steamy mug makes me a bit flustered. Since I opt to not cause hot flashes whenever possible, those are the moments a smooth, iced java beverage beckons me!

I laugh as I type this because I so want to share with you how to make your own cold and ready-whenever coffee, but I am such a “wing it” kind of gal I didn’t realize that would include measurements and such. Ha. So, in the spirit of appeasing any type A’s as well as this being an actual DIY…I have figured out some structure to this recipe for you.

Ok, here’s what you need:

  • A gallon jug (I have a Rubbermaid gallon jug, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use even a milk jug, although you would need a funnel if you go that route)
  • 2 cups of ground coffee (any kind…I tend to use up kinds we don’t like and have been known to serve even my most…um…coffee connoisseur friends…a generic blend a time or two! Gasp!)
  • Water
  • A kitchen wire mesh filter (added optional: cheesecloth or coffee filters)
  • Another jug or dispenser (I bought a plastic drink dispenser in the Wal-Mart summer party section and it works lovely! It is a plastic gallon one with a little spigot at the bottom) You could also use mason jars or a regular pitcher.

So here is the plan: Take the ground coffee (give or take ½ cup, per your taste buds) and toss it in the jug or container. Fill with water and then shake or stir (I’m a shaker, what can I say?). Set it in a corner of your counter and leave it. That is it. Leave it. Leave it to sit at least a day (shaking whenever you want to). Sometimes it sits days here before I get to it! I like strong coffee. Fiddle with the amount of time it steeps and see what your taste buds appreciate most!

When you feel it is done marinating in the bean dust, pull out your beverage dispenser of choice (really, it is nice to have a wider opening for this next part, otherwise grab a funnel) and plop that filter on top for the straining and transferring of this yumminess. I used to place a coffee filter on the mesh filter and strain it that way. However, I found this often takes at least one replacement through the process as the filter clogs up for some reason. So you need two filters. Recently I ditched those added filters altogether, using just the wire mesh and this step goes MUCH quicker now! You will end up with a little sludge at the bottom of your dispenser, so if it is a pourable pitcher be aware with that last cup! Finish up the straining(the more filters, the longer this takes) and then take the new dispenser of delicious liquid and stick it in the fridge. We literally take up a chunk of fridge prime realty all summer with this baby. Chilled makes it oh so much better! It lasts…well…honestly it doesn’t stay around long enough here to know how long it could last but for sure a week. Yes, let’s say a week for good freshness.

When you get your java urge, just partially fill a glass with some ice cubes (cubes don’t melt and dilute as fast as crushed ice). Or if you are totally on top of it, as I can be a couple of times a summer, any leftover coffee from a warm pot or French press can be made into ice cubes in an old ice tray. I love when I remember to do that! Then fill the glass half full of coffee goodness, add some milk about halfway up the empty portion, then add some flavored creamer to taste (I like mine sweet!). Pop in a straw and partake! Careful though — I have found these drinks a bit too smooth and can forget I am drinking coffee. After having a couple on a hot day, you may find you are getting a little shaky. Hydration might be a good idea. Hope this just adds to the good things God brings your way this summer!