Walking in faith: I often use this term to describe how we can, and should, choose to bring our faith into the workplace.

God has been using the term quite literally in my walk of faith at work. I might be in the midst of a busy work morning when I’ll sense the Holy Spirit prompting me to walk away from my desk. I never know why, or to whom I’m supposed to meet; I often wonder the small voice speaking to the depth of my spirit is real. However, when I respond obediently and walk away from my desk, I always discover that the prompting was genuine.

Such was the case last week.

Having felt the sense to walk in faith, I stepped away from my desk. I headed away from my desk toward another building on our campus to say hello to a friend.

I confess, I don’t usually have a clue as to the person with whom I am supposed to interact. I choose a destination in which to walk, and then I see what happens. On the way to see if my friend was in her office, I ran into a colleague I had worked with years ago. I didn’t know Mary well then, and in the five or so years since, I’d only exchanged occasional greetings in the hallways. She’s a wonderful lady and we have always exchanged pleasant smiles when our paths happened to cross.

Nearly to my friend’s office, with no idea that this person was the reason for my walk, I stopped to say hello and ask Mary how she was.

She couldn’t keep the quiver from her voice or hide the tears that welled up as she told me how much more work she’d recently been given and how the changes had been affecting her – both at work and home. She was trying to live up to unreasonable expectations in the workplace. I see it often. I’ve lived it myself.

I know my hug helped, even if only for a moment. I also know it’s helpful to be able to share our burdens with another.

People often have a hard time in the workplace.

I told my colleague we needed to start a support group, as there are so many people going through something similar. We need each other.

I continually say prayers for you in the workplace too.