I love having Siri do things for me. She texts for me, gets directions, and usually does a fine job with it all. After she did what I asked the other day, I told her “thank you!” And she responded, “I’m just doing my job.”

That got me thinking. I need more than that. I love to hear “thank you.” My contemplation looms close to Mother’s Day, which reminds me that I especially love to be appreciated by my hubby and kids. I’m not just doing my job with mothering; I’m investing my heart and life into the lives of my family. It’s a privilege to be a mom, far more than just a responsibility.

Do you know that Mother’s Day is often a difficult day for many? Issues of infertility, miscarriage, death of a child, abortion, death of a parent, poor relationship between parent and child, singleness (waiting on God’s timing is worth it, but it’s still hard), and a plethora of other things make many want to forget this special day of remembrance even exists.

So what would happen if we all decided to build each other up this Mother’s Day? What if we just started showing appreciation and encouragement to others we meet along the journey?

Who can you bless and appreciate this Mother’s Day? Maybe a mom, aunt, grandma, or friend. Maybe a teacher, a clerk at a store, or a server. Maybe a fellow shopper or someone you don’t even know.

Who knows what could happen if we all decided to pay it forward as Mother’s Day approaches? Something as simple as a smile or a genuinely expressed “thank you” while looking someone in the eye can benefit so much. Ask God how you can be a blessing this season, and then follow his lead.